How many millions will select coronavirus Messi and other stars. Full alignment

Barcelona was one of the first in the world of football will demonstrate what will be the economic consequences of a pandemic coronavirus for top clubs.


Last week bosses blue garnet stated willingness to part with eight players after this extreme season, and the need to cut the contracts of the players who were forced to idle without football. And here is the transition from words to action was held: all the players of the Catalan club agreed to the reduction of salaries by 70 percent.

Of course, the more all will suffer financially the main star and the highest paid player in Barca’s Lionel Messi. After signing a new contract with the club, his weekly income was half a million pounds (or 1 360 731 euros), and after the “epidemiological sequestration” this amount will decrease to 408 219 euros.

Even more impressive are the figures in terms of the amount of the annual contract. Initially in the employment agreement Leo Blaugrana are 758 70 000 euros as annual income. However, after adjustments made by the coronavirus, this amount will be reduced by almost 50 million (to be precise, on 49 530 600) and will be “only” 21 227 400 euros.

Antoine Griezmann is also expected to be a serious loss in income: the amount of the annual contract (45 834 000) will shrink to 13 750 € 200, weekly (881 423) – up to 264 427.

If before Luis Suarez (sum of the annual contract 23.4 million euros) was able to recover after a serious injury, and the Frenchman Ousmane Dembele (12 million) do not pay special attention to the constant talk about his “hrustalnoe”, now even a hospital will not save the Uruguayan and a Frenchman from the conservation of total wages: at first, it will be slightly more than 7 million, the second – 3.6 million

The income of Suarez for the week, respectively, will be reduced from 450 thousand euros to 135 thousand, Dembele – 230 769 230 euros to 69.


The ten most “expensive” (and hence the most affected by epidemiological crisis) players “Barcelona” also includes Frankie de Jong (the original annual amount of the contract – 20,834 million, after reduction to 6.25 million), Sergio Busquets (almost 15 million, after – 4 484 700), Ivan Rakitic (13,354 million, after just over 4 million), Gerard Pique (12.74 million, after – 3,822 million), Samuel Umtiti (12 million, after – 3.6 million, the figures are identical to those of Dembele), Sergi Roberto (slightly less than 10 million, after – about 3 million).

One of those players who Barca could lose in the near future, is Arturo Vidal, whose one-year contract “weighs” € 9 million. But now the Chilean will have to settle for the amount of 2.7 million

The goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen and defender Jordi Alba the amount of words in the contracts is the same – the year both earn 8.58 million euros. However, after the belt-tightening will both get 2,574 million.

Now it’s time to sum up the overall figures. If coronavirus crisis total statement of salaries of Barcelona amounted to 278 892 000 euros, after 70 percent of the cuts, these numbers will decrease to 83 667 600 euros. That is, the savings on the salaries of the players will reach nearly 200 million (or more precisely – 195 224 400).

In terms of weekly income, expenses, profits of the club will be expressed by the sum of nearly 3.75 million euros instead of 5 euros 363 308 players will be paid only 1.6 million euros.

Well, this is the harsh reality of the current football being clubs during the period of the indefinite pause in all the tournaments simply would not exist without reducing the salaries of the players. So after the “Barcelona” in such emergency measures will be decided and other top European clubs.

source: “Soviet sport”