If the situation becomes critical, Belarus may cancel the championship

Press Secretary of the Association “Belarusian football Federation” (abff) Alexander Aleynik said, referring to the decision of UEFA, that the decision about the suspension or the continuation of the national Championships remains for the football federations of the countries concerned.

“Abff decided to continue the championship, based on the analysis of the current situation. We are in close contact with the Ministry of health and the Ministry of sports that provide us with all the information about the spread of the virus, and we trust our health care system. Abff has its finger on the pulse and if the situation will become critical, will take adequate measures”.

In Belarus in League games in compliance with all recommendations of the Ministry of health and the who to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Before entering the stadium medical personnel are on duty, which measure the temperature and all fans are asked to handle hands with antiseptic.

Through a loudspeaker, the fans are reminded of the precautions – wash hands frequently, coughing into his elbow, not touching your face and eyes with his hands. Also, viewers are asked to take their seats in a staggered manner, through one, and mostly they do.