“In Sochi, the “Fisht”, in Krasnodar, two stadiums, two games a day and finish the championship”

The former President “Spartaka” Andrey Chervichenko – about the need to finish the championship RPL and reduce the high salaries of players.

So, RPL announced a break until may 31. Will be able to finish the championship if the epidemic will go on recession?
– If she will go on the decline, it is difficult to say. According to official information, Russia is not as bad as in some European countries or even in America.

But we somehow got used not to trust our authorities and their information.
– There is. On the other hand, among my relatives close and distant acquaintances, and their iconic yet no one got sick. This does not mean that such will not be, but a people’s sociology suggests that the shells until rush is not very close.

– According to information from Italy, where everybody has friends who got sick or even died.
– My sister lives in Turin. She says Yes, all are at home but among her friends of no one sick. Although this is not Milan, but still North of Rome.

– Get back to football. You suggested that all the clubs in RPL can gather in Sochi and there to finish the current League season.
– Why not, if in June, the situation normalized. Left to hold eight rounds. In Sochi the Fisht in the Krasnodar and two stadiums. Schedule in the spirit of the mini-world Cup. Two matches per day lawns will withstand quite. Within a month, the championship can be completed.

And people will, what to do. Repetitions long time to feed the fans don’t or won the championship of Belarus. Fans have missed football, the TV audience will be large. And so, as a result of certainlynot, or, as they say, due to the blueprints, the number of victims may exceed the number of victims of coronavirus.

– Cut all salaries. In “Spartacus” unanimously agreed by 40 percent, “Baltika” on 20. But there is, apparently, the salaries vary from Spartak much.
– Of course, need a differentiated approach. In the first and second leagues the wages are low, and players have obligations under the mortgage, etc. When we speak of wage reductions, is primarily for players in the main compositions of RPL. Where they have to be pressed down. As it did in Barcelona and some other clubs in Europe.

– UEFA recommends that all national Championships finish. Otherwise will not allow clubs in European competitions.
– We do not threaten, – laughs Andrey Chervichenko. – Now we can say that everything was known about the virus, so quickly escaped from the Cup.

In General, all right: to zero national Championships is impossible. People played and tried.

– Observe all precautions against the virus?
– Yes, wearing a mask, gloves use. Sometimes the shop out. Although we’re a large farm, there is someone for food to go.

During our last conversation, you said that you have almost a family business, people working for 10-15 years, and you’ll be hard put to tell them that it is necessary to go on reduction of salaries. What decision was made?
Yet not so awful. In April, problems with the salary will not pay all of. If the situation drags on, then gather family and decide how we should be.

– Excuse my curiosity, what do you have for the company?
– Nothing extraordinary – construction business. There are real estate objects, rent of the premises.

source: “Soviet sport”