It is difficult to accept uncertainty: Belomoina told how maintains shape quarantined

Ukrainian cyclist Jan Belomoina commented on the postponement of the start of the season due to coronavirus and told about how the form supports being quarantined.

“In fact, it is psychologically not easy to survive the whole situation and uncertainty. Difficult in terms of preparation, when you don’t understand, whether starts this season: the Olympics had world and European Championships too. And this was supposed to go on my favorite tracks. Now have to be clever to stay in shape, stay in shape at any moment to be ready to leave on start and to show a good fight. But the sport gives me the faith and motivation for daily work”, – said the athlete.

Belomoina shared the exercises that help her stay in shape.

“Because my shape was very good for the beginning of the season, trying to save it. Much focus on squats, jumps, lunges to keep the legs in good shape. Also, be sure to perform exercises on your back, arms, abs, the body should be fully powerful that cyclists are not only working legs.

Now I have time to study something new: trying to understand yoga, learn new exercises with a fitness ball, find various options for training at home as a replacement to a gym”, – quotes the cyclist Red Bull.