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Jon Jones declined UFC title at light heavyweight

The first number of a rating of UFC, regardless of weight classes and light heavyweight champion Jon Jones went further aggravation of the conflict with the boss of the promotion Dana white. On his Twitter page he announced that he renounces his title of the 205-pound division.

“Dominic Reyes vs Jan Blagovica for the title of the champion of UFC in a light heavyweight. At the moment fight with someone of them I do not give. Guys, let me know if you want to set a date for a fight with Israel Adesanya in 2021. I hope that if you are willing to pay,” wrote Jones.

Then one of the subscribers asked the fighter whether he reclaims the title in the light heavyweight division. Jones ‘ response was succinct: “Yes.”

“Bones” gone. If you see me on the street, just call JJ.

I cut myself damage every time I set foot in the cage and take blows to the head. I do not feel that my fees are worth it,” added John Jones.