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Jose Luis Castillo: “the Whole world thinks that I beat Mayweather”

Two-time world champion in the lightweight title (to 61.2 kg), the Mexican Jose Luis Castillo (66-13-1, 57 KO), remembering his first fight against American Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (50-0-0, 27 KO), which was held in April 2002 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas still believes – that he had to put “handsome” first defeat in his career.

“In the eyes of the world and fans I beat him. Unfortunately, the judges felt otherwise. But I have always said that this is not an excuse because millions of people can’t be wrong.

But, anyway, defeat is defeat. Especially when it comes to a championship fight. I don’t know what would have changed with my win, but Floyd Mayweather has always been big advances. Yes, he participated in the Olympics, but at that time he was not the monster, who later won all these titles and divisions,” said Castillo.