Kalinin about the life of motorcycle racer: When there is bleeding from the nose is good

Earlier, we talked with Nikita Kalinin about the contract with Yamaha and his involvement in 300 Supersport World Championship 2017. This time pilot tell a lot about the everyday life of the motorcycle racer.

What do you like to do besides Biking? Perhaps there is some hobby?

– I would say that my hobby is to ride a bike. Now smaller, but the summer more. I have a sports bike, a real road bike. So I spend some of my time. This is a hobby, motorcycling is a priority.

And it happens that I want to forget about the motorcycle, not to see him for a few weeks?

– Usually the opposite, if a week I’m not on the bike, it is already very desirable. I used to live, we also don’t go every day, so I’m not working too hard this at all.

And the motivation is still growing with the improvement of the result. The higher the score, the more the desire. The more you want to work. From increase the result of everything is going up, for example, more media activity (smiling – approx. ed.)

I’m not particularly have any predictions for these first tests, and from the first days went to 3 top. The first day generally was the 1st with a margin of 2-on in second. It in Motorsport a lot. I didn’t expect anything, and then got a lot of positive feelings. And I was raised and want to work more.

– How about bad results or defeats?

– Try to live with it. There is no such that “a bad result, all throwing sport”. Just go ahead and work.

Can words describe how it feels to pilot during the race?

– When the race begins, heart rate increases, reaches level 180, there ranges, the maximum I got was 191. From 180 to 200, so it varies during a race, and then falls.

In normal condition, we have the pulse rate of an average of 80-90 beats. When we begin to do something… for Example, the live prepare.

It’s actually if you watch TV, you guys seem to just ride, but really, where every turn is at very high concentration.

For example, I have to exercise on the pulse 180, and to ride on the pulse 191 to exercise a lot more effort, it’s harder to bring yourself in the right frame.

In training, when I fall, I think more not to scratch the new gloves, or something.

– What are the qualities of a person to become a motorcycle racer? There is some secret scheme, so to speak?

There are fast riders different emotional levels (smiles). Some very calm, some are very annoyed. Those who are calm and can Express their irritability in the race, and thus would be wahlestedt to the fact that they have accumulated.

Overall, a recipe for how to become a successful racer from the Champions Kalinin looks like this:

The first is the physical endurance, cardio should be at a high level. Duration-in about 20 minutes. In his class 20-25 minutes. And to work on such a pulse need to be in any case prepared.

Then you need at least to be able to drive fast, stamina is one thing, but the speed is different. And if you’re mega tough, but you’re not going to have speed, you still will spend any physical training. Even if you’ll be the most prepared in the League, but you almost do not pick up speed, and you aspire – you will merge any training.

The third is the ability to quickly run to the training process, show high adaptation, as many of the tracks will be new. As you quickly remember, even the ability to remember times and have to start to compete on this track.

Then the point is the struggle itself. When everything is tight, all these rotation control, internal coordination in this fight.

Tactical thinking ability, because there is this: going some three and especially do not touch the first. Because first their luck, accelerates and separates from the main mass. They wait some time, then they start to attack. It so happens that it needs to be attacked at some point, to not make it to the counter. This is all you need to consider, then implement, to find the weak points and not to think about what you hard physically.

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We will remind, earlier reported that the Ukrainian Nikita Kalinin was the first to his crash on the first stage of the season WorldSP300.