Kalinin on the participation in the world Cup: it Will be a hard “fight”

On account of 18-year-old pilot multiple champion of Ukraine in various metadiscipline, participation in international competitions. Another championship among Ukrainian riders – participated in the RedBull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

Nikita rider in the second generation. Along with it came “father, trainer and Manager, all-in-one”, a multiple champion of Ukraine on circuit racing Pavel Kalinin.

Paul says that if Nikita went into all organizational questions, “it would take another life.” Therefore, many strategic and managerial issues most actively commented on it.

With two Champions are talking about the hit Nikita in the Yamaha team and to participate in the “300 Supersport World Championship 2017”.

– How was the selection of Yamaha?

– League “Supersport 300”, which will go Nikita, new. There are Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and could be KTM, but did not take place. They had to decide whom to choose as the factory riders. For example, the Yamaha will go about 20 riders in this championship. They have the resource was on the 6th of athletes, who will provide factory support in this and Nikita.

Yamaha has a strong determined athletes who in pre-tests showed the best results among the 35 people who competed. Took a total experience, age athletes. Strong athletes with whom he (Nikita – approx. ed.) trained them at 21-24. He’s 18, of course, the priority of this age as he is.

– The “Yamaha Blu Cru” of 6 young pilots, chosen by Yamaha, this is in General an internal project. The best racer of these 6 at the end of the season will receive full factory support from Yamaha for the next stage, that is, not the 300 Supersport, and Supersport 600. This is our main goal for this season.

The goal is to get the support of Yamaha, and not to win the championship?

– For us the priority is, of course, to win. The world Cup is very prestigious. On the main goal – this is getting into the factory Yamaha next class. So like my competitors 6 of these also showed on the tests-so-good times, and will also fight for the podium, then… we will have a hard “fight”.

– The world championship “Supersport 300” also a newcomer like you in the team. It has something of fundamental importance?

– We can make it even plays into the hands. Of course, in the Italian Championships was already the practice of the motorcycle 300, it is easier for them. But on the world stage for many pilots, like myself, it will be a novelty.

– What are you going to fly? What do you think about this bike?

The Yamaha R3, a relatively young model. Many brands have started recently to do of class motorcycles 300 CC And to popularize this view, created the world championship in the class 300.

All world Championships are trying to reduce budgets. It is cheaper than it was before. To those athletes who do not have large budgets, could also demonstrate their skills, and made this class.

– You are the first Ukrainian rider to sign a contract with Yamaha. Allow yourself to be proud of?

– I consider this only the first steps in your career, so be proud of yet. But the feeling when getting to know the city is certainly nice.

For the team in General that this was also a lottery. It is clear that support Yamaha and all that, but what I struggled on the tests in the lead, sometimes even went out on the first stage with 300’s motorcycles. The team was, too. We had a simulation racing, and I went to the podium in its class. And constantly, when I came to Boxing, everyone clapped, the entire team came out to watch the race.

But I very few people even from his personal circle tells all. During the time while I was in College, it is 3 years while I went to the world Championships. That’s just started to learn, and that was because my Manager gave out posters for different audiences.

– Cooperation with Yamaha do you consider a great achievement than participation in the MotoGP RedBull Rookies Cup?

– In my understanding, Red Bull – it was a school where not very important was the result. It was important for us to nourish ourselves as much as possible knowledge of podvizhnikov, telemetrists, coaches, and more experience in dealing with other participants. Because there is very tough: a lot of contacts, a lot of sharp movements, very young hot pilots.

In this world Cup for us the result is important to go on the stairs to the upper classes. So it’s like a job and more school. Of course this is the next step, and this is my first world Cup.

How and where you train, and do you have enough time to rest?

And winter mainly in Spain held on different racing tracks. There are great opportunities for this sport, so a lot of the Spain of famous racers. You can come back on a separate motorcycle, and work on it a couple of weeks.

And mode: the amount of sleep in the right amount, at the right time. Food quality products in the right amount. Some amount of physical training and coordination exercises.

Physical training includes running, gym, General exercise, Bicycle. In fact, I sleep a little. When I have some free time try to spend every free moment with his friends with his girlfriend.

The girl is still there?

– Of course, without this in any way. With such a way of life if you are constantly working, it may soon get bored and will drop motivation. I live like a normal person. But instead of playing the computer, which I do not do, I spend time with friends, and the rest of the time doing motorsports.

– Nikita, let’s imagine that you are just a racer. What would you say to Nikita Kalinin before the competition that he will?

I know that I can not justified to worry. So I want to be myself not to worry, to feel relaxed to work coolly.

For example, even this strategy was – we discussed with my father that if I go to the leaders in the top 5, so I didn’t really take the risk because our main task is to carry a little points in order to eventually be the best. And not necessarily the result here first. We don’t win the house, and not losing the cow, we need a coolly to carry glasses, sunglasses, glasses. It is better to bring 4, even 5-e than to make unnecessary risk to fall.

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We will remind, earlier reported that the Ukrainian Nikita Kalinin was the first to his crash on the first stage of the season WorldSP300.