KARAVAYEV: “When people just say hurtful words, it’s unpleasant.”

Midfielder Kiev “Dynamo” Alexander Karavaev has commented on bad performance of the team and has responded to criticism of the players:

“Everybody understands fair criticism and normally react to it. And constructive criticism and unconstructive – it all goes in a bowl. Can understand criticizing his poor play and no proper result.

But we’re not doing this on purpose, want to have a result. Something we do not, there are components that hinder us. But we are working on it.

When people just say hurtful words, it is unpleasant. What does it do? Nobody criticizes how you do the work. Criticized, it means that something is asked of us. It will be bad when you will not pay attention if will not do anything to say. That is, you don’t will need.

And so we understand that we need, we want to see the game and the result. We strive and try to solve the tasks”.