KONOPLYANKA: “Spikes Goryainov flew near the brain, I called the intensive care unit”

The midfielder of Shakhtar Donetsk, Yevhen Konoplyanka during the live broadcast in Instagram remembered the embarrassing moment, which occurred in 2011 in the match of “Dnipro”, which he performed, and FC Metalist Kharkiv:

“I will never forget, like spikes Goryainov flew near my eyes. I have just in case “resuscitation caused”. And who would have thought that in this moment, when the spikes fly at my brain, I get injured and out for two months due to the fact that I come back to spawn. How likely is that? I just have caviar, says Marlos, like the elephant, it is hard not to catch.

The one match I will never forget – it was such a massacre! The game with Metalist was very serious. And when we drove through the Ukraine? It was a feeling that people pick up our bus and want to just shake. That is, they created the pressure so we started to worry, did not think about football.”