Formula 1

Kvyat again was passed over. Red bull has enhanced Mirel Albon, not Russian rider

Castling in Red bull still held! Pierre went Out was sent to Toro Rosso.

But instead he didn’t call Daniel quata, as expected in the paddock. A partner of the Russian – Thai Alex Mirel Albon. “Soviet sport” – about what happened. And why it happened.


This news did not become sensation. Rumors that the days of Pierre in “Red bull” felt, went a long time. In fact – in the spring. In the first race, it was noticeable how the Frenchman concedes Verstappen. It is clear that Max is a top pilot. He is the leader. He’s much more experienced (although a year younger partner just stands in the “Formula-1” since I was 17!), more talented and stronger. Nobody demanded that Pierre’s equal fighting partner. But to lose him the second round too was not! Moreover, the situation has not changed from weekend to weekend. The only strong “Grand Prix” went Out spent in England, becoming the fourth. In all other cases, he invariably lost not only max, but often the pilots of the weaker teams, “McLaren”, “Alfa Romeo” and even Toro Rosso! By the summer recess in the asset was Extinguished nearly three times less points than Verstappen (63 vs 181). In conditions, when “Red bull” fighting for second place in the Cup of designers, such weak results are simply unacceptable! Perhaps the leadership of the Bulls, preparing for the first season with “Honda”, itself did not expect to fight on equal terms with Ferrari and win races. In this case, the risk of invites went Out. But the progress of the machine left them no choice – Pierre had to do something. And leave it to the last 9 stages in the hope that it will add dramatically is naive and stupid. “Formula 1” – a cruel world, and there are rarely two or three extra chance. The Frenchman and so was kept almost to the last. But the failure in Germany (losing to a charming little town situated position in the race, then a collision with Alex and departure routes) and Hungary (where Pierre just kept behind Raikkonen, while behind Sainz) summed up the patience of the bosses is over. Went out as Kvyat in 2016, went for a fall – back to Toro Rosso.

No guarantee that this will happen. But a surprise it was.


What instead took Alex Mirel Albon is the real surprise! After all the rumors and insiders, it was believed that Pierre will replace Daniil Kvyat. And it looks logical. Kvyat is more experienced, has traveled to Red bull, is having the current season and recently took the podium for Toro Rosso in Germany! He has more points than the Thai (27 vs 16), more stable results. And it has not been any claim, including from the leadership of the Bulls. On the contrary, Helmut Marko and Christian Horner unanimously praised the Russians, noting that he got stronger since he left the system of “Red bull” in the fall of 2017.

And suddenly – such a situation…

But if you think about this solution, too, is the logic.

Mirel Albon, I admit, pleasantly surprised. Six months ago he was considered a “spigot”. The lesser of two evils. The best of the available options on the market, because Toro Rosso was simply no one to plant! Brendon Hartley was a failure last season, Daniel ricciardo went to Renault, went Out transferred to the main “stable”, and their young riders who are ready to “Formula 1”, “bull” was not simple. They Kvyat returned not from good life, and then had him partner to look for… While Alex was not in the system Red bull and was always in the shadow of more famous peers in the Junior series.

However, he quickly settled into the first “Formula”. And began performing markedly better than expected! In qualifying he kept Daniel in equal (score of game 6:6). Racing is not much inferior to him, and sometimes even faster. In the same Germany the Mirel Albon was also a chance to get on the podium – a little pumped up tactics. But the speed of a young Thai surprising. And, in principle, he has earned the opportunity to try Red bull. Although, of course, this seems risky. Kvyat and faded before his promotion spent the full season at Toro Rosso – and then, as it is considered too early turned out to be in the main team. But at least Alex is only 12 races! On the other hand – and suddenly he adapts better?

There is another very logical point. The management of “Red bull” are already seriously thinking about the composition of the pilots for next year. It is clear that Verstappen will remain. It is clear that will not be Extinguished. But who will partner max? Opportunities quata they are well known. But to check out the charming little town situated in the harsh conditions is not superfluous. If Alex is still “not pull”, will not convince in its speed, it’s easy to bring back. And call, for example, Daniel.

Finally, the third caveat. Mirel Albon is dependent on Red bull. His career is totally in the hands of Marko and Horner. And he will be loyal to the team, doing all her instructions. That is, will not spoil the life of Verstappen and definitely agree on the role of his apprentice. What can be said about Daniel. Kvyat has good relations with Ferrari. He is a strong Manager (the son of FIA President Jean Todt, Nicolas Todt). It is not associated with “Bulls” long-term contract. And if there is interest from other teams. Theoretically, he can leave – for example, in the “Haas” or “alpha Romeo”. So, the Russians makes no sense to “wait” max – on the contrary, he will do anything to get ahead. And this may go against the interest of the “Red bull”. Certainly the bosses of the Bulls, too, keep that in mind.


At first sight, it looks disappointing. Supposedly experienced driver, recently the former in the top three, chose a newcomer… Like Marco from the principle of not promoting Kvyat, who once even fired. Although unlikely by Helmut thinks in those terms – it is more rational person.

In fact, nothing terrible happened. That Daniel sat in the Toro Rosso, its pros. The transition to a more strong, ambitious team with a completely different machine, engineers, right in the middle of the season – a risky move. You may not have time to adapt, to get along with the car and screw up the rest of the race… And such a failure would put an end to the career of utimes, which he revived with difficulty. Calmly to finish the season, to prove in face-to-face fight, who is stronger – or he went Out, and then deal with its future – that’s the optimal scenario for the Russian rider. He’s still in the pool, from him no one refuses – he can go to Red bull then (in the sense of this option remains). Just now the team is more interesting to check out the charming little town situated – that is capable of Daniel, they know.

And, I think, Kvyat knows about it. So it is unlikely to upset at the moment.

source: “Soviet sport”