Formula 1

Kvyat missed the holiday “Red bull”. Partner Russian – the second in são Paulo, Daniel is only 10th

The Brazilian Grand Prix brought victory for max Verstappen, Pierre went Out on Toro Rosso unexpectedly finished second.

Alex Mirel Albon price crash on the runway would not let Lewis Hamilton. And only Daniil Kvyat of all pilots “Red bull” was not involved in the struggle for a place in the top three.

And what a shame that such a race does not solve almost anything! At least in terms of the battle for the title or for the Cup of designers. But we know that the weekends in Brazil is not fundamentally boring. Is no exception this Grand Prix.

This is for last year! – was heard in the headphones Verstappen after the race. Perhaps the best definition of what happened. A year ago Max was supposed to win the “Interlagos”. But when overtaking circular divided highway with Esteban the Window and fell victim to the manoeuvre of the Frenchman.

– Perhaps this is the karma my dad joked the other day Max. Remembering the same episode 2001. Then – interestingly, also in Brazil! – the father of Dutchman Jos Verstappen himself as a pie knocked Juan Pablo Montoyafought for the victory. But if the “formula” the gods gave to max for the sins of his ancestor, the now all fully compensated. The Dutchman won in Sao Paulo qualification, confidently spent the race and deservedly achieved success.

While in the course of check-enough highlights!

So, Valtteri Bottas in an attempt to get Charles LeClair, who went on the harder tyres, boiled in a literal sense burned the engine of his Mercedes. Gone. The second surprise came from Ferrari. The pilots of the “Scuderia” prepared “elegant” gift for the boss – the boss “stables” Mattia Binotto just celebrated its 60th birthday. Instead of winning the race , Sebastian Vettel and the same Leclere came together in the fight for the podium 5 laps to go… and I allowed collision with the wheels. Both have a puncture, both eventually went. Guilty definitely Sebastian shifted on the straight line in the direction of a Monegasque citizen. Long afterward he stood frozen machine, scratched his head, thinking about what happened… But something to fix for sure could not.

And something strange had happened – after the departure of two Ferraris on the track out the safety car, and Hamilton, why it went to the pits. In the end, the top three made up of two pilots “Red bull” (Mirel Albon and Verstappen), and – attention! Pierre Went Out. The British returned just after the last one. And, of course, instantly overtook him on the restart. To finish two laps, and Lewis continued to attack… But did not calculate their strength, and in an attempt to pass another Mirel Albon stuck his nose in the car Thai, turning to Alexander. And he again started ahead of Pierre. In the end, Hamilton finished third, but could lose this place if you judge it will be fined. Moreover, the Briton admitted his guilt.

Oh, I had to hear the cries of joy went Out after the finish in second place. It sounds so happy! It is more than half of the season went to “Red bull”, but the podium was not up. But by some miracle made it in the affiliate team… of Course, deserved.

Only Kvyat, alas, did not take part in this celebration. Daniel was quick on the practices, regularly stopping in the top 10. But failed to qualify, being the 16th. during the race he fought away from the top 10. Then, amid all the events, managed to climb to the 10th position. And still earned a point. But recognize, on the background of the success Faded it does not listed… And the blame, in General, no. Except Daniel.

Grand Prix of Brazil. Sao Paulo

Race. 1. Verstappen (Holland, Red Bull). 2. Faded (France, “Toro Rosso”) – backlog 6,077. 3. Hamilton (Great Britain, Mercedes) – 6,139. 4. Sainz (Spain, McLaren) – 8,896. 5. Raikkonen (Finland, Alfa Romeo) – 9,452. 6. Giovinazzi (Italy, Alfa Romeo) – 10,201. 7. Ricciardo (Australia, Renault) – 10,541. 8. Norris (Great Britain, McLaren) – 11,204. 9. Peres (Mexico, “Racing Point”) – 11,529. 10. Kvyat (Russia, Toro Rosso) – 11,931

Championship of the world. 1. Hamilton – 396 points. 2. Bottas (Finland, “Mercedes”) – 314. 3. Verstappen – 260. 4. Leclere (Monaco, Ferrari) – 249. 5. Vettel (Germany, “Ferrari”) – 230. 6. Faded – 95. 7. Sainz – 92. 8. Mirel Albon (Thailand, Red Bull) – 84. 9. Riccardo – 52. 10. Perez – 45. 11. Norris – 45. 12. Raikkonen – 41. 13. Nico Hulkenberg (Germany, “Renault”) – 37. 14. Quat – 36. 15. Stroll (Canada, “Racing Point”) – 21. 16. Magnussen (Denmark, “Haas”) Is 20. 17. Giovinazzi – 12. 18. Grozhan (France, “Haas”) – 8. 19. Kubitsa (Poland, “Williams”) – 1

The Cup of designers. 1. Mercedes – 710. 2. Ferrari – 479. 3. Red Bull – 391. 4. McLaren – 137. 5. Renault – 89. 6. Toro Rosso – 84. 7. “Racing Point” – 66. 8. Alfa Romeo – 53. 9. “Haas” – 28. 10. “Williams” – 1

Note. In case of equality of points recorded the best space pilots in the race.

source: “Soviet sport”