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Kvyat not good enough for Red bull? Why the Russians left in the Toro Rosso

The management of “Red bull” said the Russian driver remains in the Toro Rosso. At least one more season. “Soviet sport” – the reasons for this decision. And about some of the pros.


Daniel will not be in the main team next year. We have already confirmed him for the new season, but in the Toro Rosso. The struggle for place partner Verstappen is conducted exclusively between Pierre went Out and Alex Mirel Albon, said on the eve of “Singapore Grand Prix” consultant “Bull” Helmut Marko. The man, who determines who of the pilots will be in two teams, “Red bull”. Not alone, of course, but his vote is usually decisive.

And it was a shame to hear. Especially after Daniel recently at the rain race in Germany on the podium (a first for Toro Rosso with the victory of Vettel in Italy 2008!), then in Belgium broke from the last row in points, and in Monza was to finish sixth, if not motor failure… Kvyat really gave a great season, significantly adding in all components. He became more stable, faster, thoughtful, and active. He became more Mature pilot than he was two seasons ago, when it completely fell apart in the “Toro Rosso” and was kicked out of the program “Red bull”. Of course, we expected that this progress and its results will help the Russians to return to the top team. Moreover, Pierre went Out in it failed, and Alex Mirel Albon until just inexperienced and were worse than the Russians.

And here – such a statement…

Omit the fact that Dr. Marco often lying openly and journalists, and its pilots. Also went Out (and Kvyat three years ago), he is guaranteed a place in the “Red bull” before the end of the season – just a couple of days to reduction in Toro Rosso. Suppose now Helmut honest. Moreover, it does seem to be true. So why Daniel, despite his results, I decided to leave only younger “Scuderia” by closing the road to the top barn?


You’ve got to understand that and went Out in the “Bulls” will not. With high probability, if Mirel Albon doesn’t screw up in the remaining “Grand Prix”, it is he who will partner Verstappen. And what are the advantages in front of Alex Kviat?

First- he’s a really great racer! No one knew what to expect from the Thai before the start of the season. Until last winter he never was in the cockpit of a race car “Formulas-1”. No tests, no training! Mirel Albon was not included in the youth program teams. Raced in the Junior series, in fact, on money of sponsors. And Toro Rosso were, in General, by accident. Their young riders with a FIA superlicense in the “Bulls” was not, partner Kvyat had to look elsewhere (especially since the residents returned, too, not the sweet life). And Alex, who became third in the championship, “Formula 2” looked the best of the available options. However, he was able to quickly adapt to new conditions. And just a few days of the winter tests found a common language with the machine, and the engineers.

Secondly, Mirel Albon looked confident on the road even in comparison with Cuatom! Yes, in the races he often yielded, but for example in the qualifications Alex and Daniel fought on equal terms. And in the rankings of the pilots who every weekend are experts in using telemetry data (they do not take into account specific place at the finish, namely the class – regardless of the machine), is a fixture in the top 10. And often stood above Kvyat! In the same race in Germany Thai he could reach the podium – he’s just less lucky with the strategy. In General, we have to admit – adjusted for experience (because the current season for the Russian is the fourth in the “Formula 1”, and given work in a Ferrari – even a fifth) Mirel Albon looked impressive! While pleased not only by the speed and maturity of decision-making. But the approach to work. Like any Asian (though Alex was born in London and raised in England), he is very dutiful, industrious, obedient and disciplined. In addition, the friendly, educated and polite. Not racer and dream of the bosses team! So as not to give such a chance to reach their maximum?

Thirdly, he represents Thailand. That is, the region of South-East Asia. Where a lot of money, lots of sponsors and a huge market! From the point of view of marketing Mirel Albon is much more promising than Kvyat. Already, the Red bull was a line of luxury companies with proposals for advertising contracts. But the Thai government launched a powerful PR campaign to increase interest in Mirel Albon. We know the “Formula 1” is not so much a sport as a business. So other things being equal always decided by money. And behind them Alex, let’s be honest, far more than Daniel.


– If Dr. Marco said so, then it is. I’ll just continue to work, – commented on the words of Helmut Quat.

And added:

– Disappointed I? Not really. I do what I do best. And do whatever I please. If you give me a job in the Toro Rosso, I’ll try to be as efficient as you can. Actually, I would do the same thing in any other place.

The problem is that other places now – no. Manager Daniel Nicolas Todt certainly not sitting idle – he is looking for career development residents and obviously do not intend to marinate it on the bench “Red bull”. The potential Kvyat solid, it is visible to all and long, but the conjecture of the market in the “Formula-1” there is, at the moment to go, in General, nowhere. Theoretically possible to try to make the transition to the “Alfa Romeo” or “Haas”, which is tightly dependent on Ferrari, and in the “Scuderia” our riders appreciate! But… does it make sense? The level these teams are rather inferior to the Toro Rosso, so that progress in the results will be. But the groups from medium (“Renault”, “McLaren”) and the highest (Ferrari, Mercedes, Red bull) echelon is firmly engaged. Things can change before the season 2021. But next year changes are not planned.

And then there’s a simple rule – it is better to have some work than none at all… Let Daniel do not take Red bull, but if offered a new contract with “Toro Rosso”, so why give up? Especially the younger “Scuderia” in Russian has a number of advantages.

First, he’s comfortable here. Not in the sense to relax – “Formula 1” is not suffering, and Kvyat is enough intelligence and experience, not to slow the momentum. But in the sense, all happy in the work plan. Daniel good contact with the direct boss Franz Toast the first days of the Russian “Formula-1” has imbued him with almost paternal feelings. He gets along great with the team, found a common language with the engineers, he feels like a leader here and understands that to it there are mountain. In such circumstances, simpler easy to focus on the achievement of goals. And it is this atmosphere greatly helped the Russians to carry out successfully this season.

Second, Kvyat relaxed for his position the primary pilot. This, incidentally, applies to went Out. After all, as a year ago, Red bull is simply no reserve – no young riders, able to replace someone in the Toro Rosso. Briton Dan Tectum failed championship “Super Formula” and was kicked out of the program “the Bulls”. A young Estonian jüri VIPs were only fourth in the “Formula 3” (here the title was won by our Robert Schwartzman – member of the youth Academy Ferrari) and did not get a superlicense. In the end, Daniel can not worry that it will be removed for the sake of ambition Marco (who apparently doesn’t like residents) or for some other reason. This does not negate the high demands on the rider. But still creates the necessary psychological background for comfortable work. In the “Formula 1” is also important.

Thirdly – door in Red bull remain open. Let next year there will be Mirel Albon, but Thai if still fail, and Pierre went Out did not create something fantastic (until the last preconditions are not visible – the Frenchman is noticeably inferior to Daniel), neither Marko or Christian Horner (the main chief of the “Bulls”) will have no choice but to take Daniel. There’s even a charming little town situated sponsors will not save. Red bull is a team with ambitions, and the title for her is more important than money.

Fourthly – this is a good chance not just to stay in the paddock, but also to actively work on your future in 2021. When will enter into force the new regulations will seriously change the balance of power (at least we hope so), and most importantly – most of the top drivers will end contracts, and the “Formula-1” will overflow a wave of change. Vettel could leave Ferrari, Bottas almost certainly would leave Mercedes, Verstappen even able to part with the “Red bull”. Plus – with a probability of 90 per cent will be added to another team. In a leapfrog Daniel will be able to find a place not just somewhere in the middle of the peloton. But perhaps in the top stable.

The main thing – not to slow down. Not to get upset. And continue to show good results. As in the current year. And maybe even higher.

source: “Soviet sport”