Formula 1

Kvyat will go to “alpha”. However, it is the same Toro Rosso

Until the next world Cup is three months. What has changed in the “Formula 1”? Actually – very little. “Soviet sport” prepared a report.


In the “Formula-1” not often happen to a major upgrade. But the current season was particularly boring. In fact, only two “stable” decided to change in the list of pilots. You can, of course, remember the changes in the system of “Red bull”. But castling between Alex Mirel Albon, who was the partner max Verstappen in the first team and Pierre went Out, sent down to Toro Rosso, took place in the summer. The bosses of the “Bulls” kept the intrigue, who will be performing in their teams in 2020, but in the end all left on the ground. However, one important change here happened – itself “Toro Rosso” is now changed its name. And next year, Daniil Kvyat and Fading begin to imagine… “alpha Tauri”. The decision of the group Red bull, which plans to promote your clothing brand.

But changes in composition will affect only Renault and Williams.

In Enstone decided that for the French team should be French racer. And Nico did not renew the contract. The German had spent in the world Cup as many as 8 seasons, performed in 159 Grand Prix, while never reached the podium. In history he is the absolute leader in the number of races without hits in the top 3! It seems that for a long time and will remain as such. And it is quite probably his career in the “Formula 1” is over. New proposals Niko didn’t wait. Hardly wait and in the future. Partner Daniel Riccardo will now Esteban Windows. A talented pilot, already competing in the Force India, and has not received invitations to a Mercedes – there is one more season left of Valtteri Bottas. In the end, he busted out his “freestyle” from the German team, a contract which was signed back in Junior series. And Peres in Renault. The prospects and talent aukon no doubt – in the “Formula 3” he fought on equal footing with Verstappen! Let’s see what the guy will succeed in the new team.

“Williams” also broke up with Robert Kubica – in fact, on mutual claims. The poles were dissatisfied with the level of the team and the attitude (believing that focuses on George Russell). In Grou as reasonably noted that the speed of Robert is much lower than the young Briton. And sense to leave him in the cockpit there. New partner Russell will be Nicholas Latifi – the son of a canadian billionaire, with appropriate financial support and relatively decent results in the Junior series. In particular, in the “Formula 2” in season 2019, he was second in the overall standings. In fact, Latifi is the only real newcomer in the coming year.


For the first time in the history of the world Cup will include just 22 races! That is a record for “Formula 1”. But the increase in the number of Grand Prix has approved the teams and drivers, and organizers. The season starts March 15 in Australia. 29th of November in the UAE. The stage in Sochi, and this year will be held in the fall – September 27th.

Compared with last season, major changes there are two. So, the calendar left the Grand Prix of Germany. It’s amazing but true – the presence of the strongest of the team (Mercedes) and the superstars among riders (Sebastian Vettel), does not warrant a stage. Even a country like Germany – with its then-level of the economy, the automotive industry and a great history of Motorsport! The contract with “Hockenheimring” failed to continue because of… money. The owners of the track have not found enough financial support from the authorities and sponsors. Hence, such a sad end…

But added two new stages. First, the calendar returns the race in the Netherlands. The last Grand Prix held here already in 1985! Since then, ring in Zandvoort did not take the “Formula-1”. But now, on the background of the results of Verstappen and his insane popularity in the country! – the resumption of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands was a reasonable and logical step. Moreover, the circuit significantly updated and reconstructed.

And secondly, will be the Grand Prix in Vietnam. The authorities invested heavily in the project. As a result, on 5 April fireballs “Formula 1” for the first time will start on the highway in Hanoi.


Radical changes in the technical regulations await us in 2021. There is also a new concept of aerodynamics (aimed at increasing downforce), and the discs are of larger radius and low profile rubber, and a radically new appearance of the cars (they should become more beautiful).

In 2020 changes, consider that there. They – only a point and barely noticeable to the layman with no engineering education. Even the tires will remain the same – new tyres from Pirelli rejected all of the team during the tests in Abu Dhabi, so they decided to cancel. One essential points are the following:

– increasing the minimum weight of the car (from 740 kg to 745 kg);

– prohibition on purchase from a third-party commands the air ducts of the braking system – they now have to develop for yourself;

– a sharp reduction in the volume of additional tanks for fuel (2 liters to 0.25 liters);

the operation of the clutch are now allowed exclusively with the paddles. Moreover, there should be a minimum of two (left and right). And they should be completely identical.

How all this will affect the performance of cars? In fact, not affected in any way. Of course, there are nuances, but they are understandable only to experts and racers. If in 2021 we are waiting for the revolution, then in 2020 – only evolution latest machines. So, with high probability, the balance of power will remain the same. Whether so it – will know very soon.

source: “Soviet sport”