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Kvyat will partner Verstappen? The Russians again claims a place in the Red bull

Consultant to Red bull Helmut Marko said that Russian is among the contenders for a place in the team for next year. Although two months ago said the opposite.


– Kvyat remains in the Toro Rosso. It’s not official yet, but we in the team all decided. For a place in the “Red bull” will fight only two contenders Pierre went Out and Alex Mirel Albon, said Dr Marco on the eve of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Not that Helmut never cheated. But knowing his attitude to Daniel (let’s face it – not very warm), all accepted at face value. Moreover, the Russians indirectly confirmed the words of Marco.

I would be happy to work where I’m needed. And where can benefit. If this place – “Toro Rosso”, so be it, – said utimes.

After that, however, failed weekend in Singapore, having lost the partner, Pierre went Out, and the race permanently damaging a failed attack on Kimi Raikkonen (there is, however, more was to blame for Finn, in fact Kvyat kicked off the track).

– Alas, also happens. I played bad and won’t look for excuses. We had the opportunity to fight for the points zone, but I was stuck behind rivals and could not use the full potential of the car, admitted Kvyat.

It looked like he was just upset, realizing that a place in the team he does not Shine. And that was despite a strong season, a podium in Germany (the first for Toro Rosso after Vettel’s victory in Monza 2008 and the second in team history in principle!) and some fairly successful races. What a charming little town situated that his successor, Pierre went Out, the Russians were superior – and the speed in qualifying, and stability in the major races. Not every time, but in most cases. When Red bull instead took a Thai, the explanation was: that the possibility of Daniel’s leadership are well known, but to see how such pressure can handle the newcomer, it was much more interesting. But the failure of the home team to even consider Kvyat for a partner Verstappen in the new year seemed really strange…

Until the new statement Marco.


– Actually, I incorrectly expressed – admitted Hellmuth after the Grand Prix of Mexico. I wanted to say about the qualities Kvyat we all know for a long time. We just were not confident in the abilities of Mirel Albon. In fact, Alex, and Pierre, and Daniel are among the contenders for a place in the “Red bull”. We will take a decision soon. I think that after the United States Grand Prix.

So what is the reason? Hellmuth then made a mistake, incorrectly picking up words? Or decided to “take back” by changing the attitude of Kvyat?

The figure of Marco ambiguous. He really has a great eye for talent, and he brought a lot of racers in “the Formula-1” Sebastian Vettel and Daniel ricciardo Carlos Sainz, Kvyat and the same was Extinguished. While all of the known rigid nature of the Austrian – he almost did not forgive mistakes and is always ready to tell the pilot to the door (as it was with Daniel in 2017). Marco won’t call honest – he often tells the press one thing, but after two or three days does another. So, in August, Pierre went Out it was promised that despite a disastrous start to the season, he will finish the championship in the “Red bull”. Literally a day later, the Frenchman was replaced by Mirel Albon… a Similar story happened with Cuatom – in 2016, when he was banished to Toro Rosso after the accident at the Grand Prix of Russia. But to blame the adviser “Red bull” excessive obstinacy or stupidity, will not work. When necessary, he is willing to change the attitude of the rider. To admit any conclusions too hasty (albeit quietly). And to reconsider its position.

So Daniel is back in the Toro Rosso before the start of this season. So, apparently, he can go back to Red bull. Where, it would seem that the door in front of him has already closed.


To partner Verstappen needs a strong pilot. First- to Max not relaxed (this is in principle not helpful to anyone). Second to Red bull fought for a high position in the Cup of designers. Therefore, the team asked was Fading – he’s too often wrong, was gleaning a lot of points and often passed forward not only “Mercedes” and “Ferrari” (which was forgivable), but the pilots of the weaker teams. While Verstappen Pierre usually lose half a second off lap times even in qualifying! Invalid difference for partners on one technique.

Interestingly, the speed of the charming little town situated in comparison with max was slightly higher. The results of the Thai – much better than Faded. Six races in “Red bull” Alex scored 58 points. Pierre scored 63 for 12 weekends! And Yes – the charming little town situated at the finish line never fell out of the top six. Say more on this segment, he scored more points than Verstappen (the Dutchman – 39). Here, however, the numbers are not indicative of max’s often down technique and clashes with opponents, not all of which he was guilty. But about the stability of the Alex, this situation says a lot.

In this case, obviously, the bosses of the Red bull still not sure what Mirel Albon is ready to be a partner for the Dutchman. In six Grand Prix three times he hit the car. And – almost “in the chips”. Yes, only in training, but sooner or later it can happen in the race. Telemetry data clearly show that in the art of aerobatics Alex’s lack of flaws. And most importantly – he can perform the minimum task, but not able to jump above the head. To challenge the strongest opponents – as does Max. And how is it able to do Quat, what had long been convinced. Even the fact that behind the Mirel Albon is a serious support Thai sponsors can go to the second plan, if bosses “Red bull” will decide what wins and podiums, and most importantly – a potential title! – they are more important than money. And this is the way it is.

Maybe that’s why Marco and made the statement that Russian is among the candidates for the team. Maybe it’s just a new bluff (to spur motivation of Mirel Albon and faded). At least we can hope that next season the Russians will get in the top”stable”. It will happen or not, find out next week.

source: “Soviet sport”