Formula 1

Leclere has won the virtual Grand Prix of Australia

The pilot Ferrari Charles LeClair won the second virtual Australia Grand Prix Formula 1.

Initially it was assumed that the second stage of the series will take place on a virtual urban road in Hanoi, but something didn’t work, and the race moved to albert Park. Recall that for Esports F1 Grand Prix used last year’s version of the simulator from Codemasters.

On the virtual track, the albert Park LeClair won the qualification, started from pole position and led the peloton throughout the 29 laps of the race.

Second finishyou pilot youth system Reno Christian Lodger, third place went to Williams driver George Russell.

The younger brother of LeClair, Arthur, a Ferrari finished 4th, followed by the finish line crossed Antonio Giovinazzi. Former Formula 1 driver was the best Stoffel Vandorn, he got sixth place, Jenson Button – 12th.

“I’m home, sitting in the chair, and there are no overloads, like driving a real car, but I’m still crazy sweaty! This is all due to the fact that the concentration was at the limit, although the muscles and not get sick. But the race was awesome! I began preparing a week ago last Sunday, but have devoted a lot of time, practiced at least five hours a day,” said LeClair.

Virtual Grand Prix Formula 1 was decided on a background delayed because of the pandemic coronavirus the start of the season in real life. The first virtual race was won by the pilot of Renault Zhou Guanghui. The next stage will be held in two weeks on the virtual track in Shanghai.

Watch the video of the race: