Formula 1

Lewis, a six – time. Hamilton has one title to Michael Schumacher

Lewis Hamilton won the United States Grand Prix – victory was celebrated by his partner Valtteri Bottas. But achieved a much more important goal – to become world champion. For the fifth time in the last six years. And the sixth time in his career. More titles – only the great Michael Schumacher!


Is no words to describe! I was overwhelmed with emotions! The season has been very heavy, we had to overcome many difficulties. But I am happy that we coped with them, and I again won the championship, nearly wept on camera Hamilton, in an interview after the finish.

Of course, it is done! Although about the “difficulties” Lewis slightly got excited. His final victory was no intrigue. It was clear in the spring. Let the summer “Red bull” and “Ferrari” slightly increased the tempo, becoming to win the race, essentially it changed nothing. Mercedes continued to dominate. In Japan (and it’s two Grand Prix ago) they secured the constructors ‘ championship. And Austin Lewis had to issue a personal victory. For this it was enough to finish even the eighth. Or not finish at all – provided that Bottas would not have won the race. Weekends in Sao Paulo and Abu Dhabi was practically lost any meaning. At least in terms of the battle for the title.

Should happen something extraordinary, to Hamilton left US not a six-time champion!

And nothing of the sort, as you know, not happened. In qualifying Lewis was only a fifth (pole position went to Bottas), but the race became leaders. And could win (84th in career!). But Valtteri at once, not to hold the bridge, Finn closer to the finish line intensified their efforts and managed to pass Hamilton – by the way, not without a fight. Then celebrated the victory. But is this ostentatious affair was able to enter someone into error?

Another ten brace of the Mercedes this season! – only underscored the chasm that separates the strongest team in the world with its main rivals: “Ferrari” and “Red bull”.

Yes, indeed, emotions Lewis did not cheat. Of course, he was happy. But it is unlikely as sincerely as in 2008, when he took the first title. The only one of all my trophies won in a really tough fight.


We knew that Hamilton will issue the title. And also knew that if the judges will have the opportunity to write a new penalty Kvyat, they will.

And the guys drew off in full!

First annulled the result of Daniel in qualifying, which earned him 11th place. Supposedly for leaving the track (although technically the machine the Russians crossed the border track as a whole). In the end, Kvyat remained at the start of the 13th. That did not stop him to have a great race and on the last lap to get into the points due to the attack on Sergio Perez. This is only the overtaking ended in a crash. And, of course, the judge acknowledged residents guilty!

Exactly the same as in Mexico a week ago. When Daniel a few turns before the finish line tried to pass Hulkenberg, but crashed into the car Niko and knocked that off the track. Looked like a racing incident, but the referee decided otherwise. After learning that his result added 10 seconds (instead of 5 as usual, although he could not add anything!), Kvyat on the emotions of the judges sent to the known address. And even an apology did not. Perhaps, the guys held a grudge…

Since and has now decided that Daniel was acting overly aggressive. The result – again the penalty seconds (now had five), which threw Kvyat from 10 th to 12 th place. In fact, during the week the Russians were deprived of three points.

– Isn’t that what love racing? Not for the fact that you end up struggling for a better position? And, someone forgive such incidents. Someone fundamentally punished. I think the “Formula 1” is not there, – said Daniel.

Yeah, he really knocked Perez off the track. But obviously unintentional (his car blew out and turn the car Mexican). And, say, max Verstappen for exactly such an episode with Charles LeClair in Austria to punish did not! Although then it was not about one point. And about winning the race.

Well, sometimes it is necessary to struggle not only with rivals. But with the injustice of the judges. Most importantly – it is clear that Kvyat keeps hitting. It will help him in the remaining races.


The United States Grand Prix. Austin

Race. 1. Bottas (Finland, “Mercedes”) – 1:33.55,653. 2. Hamilton (great Britain, Mercedes) – backlog 4,148. 3. Verstappen (Holland, Red Bull) – 5,002. 4. Leclere (Monaco, “Ferrari”) – 52,239. 5. Mirel Albon (Thailand, Red Bull) – 1.18,038. 6. Ricciardo (Australia, Renault) – 1.30,366. 7. Norris (Great Britain, McLaren) – 1.30,764. 8. Sainz (Spain, McLaren) – 1 circle. 9. Nico Hulkenberg (Germany, Renault) – 1 lap. 10. Peres (Mexico, “racing point”) – 1 circle 12. Kvyat (Russia, Toro Rosso) – 1 circle 16. Faded (France, “Toro Rosso”) – 2 circles

Best lap: Leclere – 1.36,169

Championship of the world. 1. Hamilton – 381. 2. Bottas – 314. 3. Leclere – 249. 4. Verstappen – 235. 5. Vettel (Germany, “Ferrari”) – 230. 6. Mirel Albon – 84. 7. Sainz – 80. 8. Faded – 77. 9. Ricardo – 46. 10. Perez – 44. 11. Norris – 41. 12. Hulkenberg – 37. 13. Quat – 34. 14. Raikkonen (Finland, “Alfa Romeo”) Is 31. 15. Stroll (Canada, “Racing Point”) – 21. 16. Magnussen (Denmark, “Haas”) Is 20. 17. Grozhan (France, “Haas”) – 8. 18. Giovinazzi (Italy, Alfa Romeo) – 4. 19. Kubitsa (Poland, “Williams”) – 1

The Cup of designers. 1. Mercedes – 695. 2. Ferrari – 479. 3. Red Bull – 366. 4. McLaren – 121. 5. Renault – 83. 6. “Racing Point” – 65. 7. Toro Rosso – 64. 8. Alfa – 35. 9. “Haas” – 28. 10. “Williams” – 1

source: “Soviet sport”