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Lewis is a real champion. Why Hamilton is really a great racer

The sixth time became the world champion, Lewis Hamilton surpassed the number of titles of Juan Manuel Fangio and is now second only to Michael Schumacher.

Do you doubt that he deservedly went down in history? No doubt. Here are three reasons to believe that he is a great right.


You can say anything about the speed of the machine, the dominance of the Mercedes and a weak teammate. But you can’t deny one fact: Lewis is a really cool racer! It was so, when only came in the first season in the McLaren gave battle to Fernando Alonso and nearly took the title. Convinced us in 2008 – his first championship trophy, literally taken from the hands of Felipe Massa on the last lap of the last race in Brazil.

And every time Hamilton has continued to become stronger.

It is not his fault that the opponents are wrong more often, and other teams unable to build a machine that would surpass his car at speed. In addition, the potential of the technology needs to be implemented! If you think that driving a “Mercedes” conditional Pastor Maldonado or Shinji Nakano , too, would become Champions, you are naive. The guarantee of success of Lewis – not only in the level of his car (which the fans so love to call “samovsky”). But in his flying techniques. In its stability. His ability to attack at the limit, at the same time – without crossing the line of reasonable risk. Which, incidentally, is not peculiar to all pilots. Even with the prefix “top”. Remember the “stupid” crash of Sebastian Vettel – it was a lot even this season.

Once Lewis was distinguished by the vehemence inherent in young drivers. But with experience he became more Mature and wiser. Hamilton is no longer timid. Always think soberly. He is ready to concede, if he sees that the consequences of the risk of attack (or defense too hard) can result in the gathering. Sometimes it is better to give 7 points (the difference between 1st and 2nd place in the race) than to lose 18 (provisions for the second position). But overly cautious and not call him. Hamilton knows how to overtake. Able to squeeze out of technique the maximum. Even on roads, where “Mercedes” due to the nature of their cars is obviously inferior to the competitors (usually on city tracks in Baku, Monte Carlo, Singapore), he regularly managed to give a good fight, to finish ahead of them… If there’s a chance Lewis uses it. Rain? Start with the last row? No time left the safety car, which confused the whole strategy of pit-stops? Hamilton not afraid of anything. He is equally fast on dry and on wet track. He quickly decides how to rebuild his tactics, using hitches rivals. He can give a breakthrough from the 20th place to the podium that we saw in the last two seasons. This is not the sign of a truly great racer? What is surprising is that the best car he can win five of his titles?

In the end, even if you have only one rival – partner, it is also necessary to win? And Lewis confident ahead of Nico Rosberg (with the exception of 2016, but there the Germans played in the team). And definitely looks stronger than Valtteri Bottas. As if Finn tried to show that also claims the title of…


The transition Lewis from “McLaren” was once a sensation. The home team, which led him from karting, he changed to Mercedes. Despite the fact that in the 2012 season (when Hamilton decided) McLaren was head and shoulders stronger than “silver”! This is not a sign of character?

Maybe Hamilton and lucky that he was in “stable”, which after just one season was without doubt the best. But he dared to make such a bet. And life, like luck, favors the bold.

This is not to say that the speed of cars “Mercedes” not the merit of the British. Of course, the drawings are not engaged in it. And he has developed the engine. But feedback from riders is very important for engineers. If the pilot can explain what he needs, what hinders that you should fix (and how to do it), it is difficult to work with. Therefore, it is appreciated if pilots do not just turn the steering wheel (and pedal to the metal), but also well versed in the art. Here Lewis is of the latter. And his help in the work on the machine should not be underestimated. Moreover, this work is ongoing. No one effectively does not update the cars during the season, as “Mercedes”. Without the participation of the racers is simply impossible!

Yes, it was not built, but he rallied the team around him. Enlisted the support of the entire team – from the main bosses in the face of Toto Wolff and the late Niki Laudato ordinary mechanics changing wheels in the pit lane. Yes, he chose partner after the departure of Nico. And someone said that specifically requires you to keep Bottas, because Valtteri is much weaker – and thus does not threaten the positions of Hamilton. So be it. But is it a simple pilot would allow such “bonuses”? At this level, such trust only the leader. And Hamilton is really the leader. Not only on the track. But outside of the track.


In the sport of nowhere without ambition. But how to save them if they come to success? When there are both victories and titles, and the Bank account is replenished every year 40-50 million? How to force yourself to work hard even better than before?

No, it can not please everyone.

In history many examples of excellent pilots dramatically “blown away” and became Champions. Remember Jacques Villeneuve. Or, for example, Kimi Raikkonen. Remember the example of Rosberg, who finished his career in 2016, when he took the title in the fight with Lewis. It was a shock for everyone! Including for Mercedes. He and Niko explained by the fact that he wants to devote time to his family. That have achieved the goal and did not see much point to race on the “Formula 1”. On the one hand, looked impressive, and beautiful – the German went undefeated, with his head held high. With another – many not without reason it seemed that Rosberg was just afraid of further competition with Lewis. They say, lucky time to win, why pick luck? Suddenly, the Hamilton will “destroy”? Because he could! But even if Nico didn’t chicken out, that’s obvious – no motivation, no ambition he has left.

Great do not get.

Be great if every single success does not make you full. Vice versa – only exacerbate hunger and thirst to new victories! This is just about Hamilton.

– I keep worrying that the day will come when you have to end your career. Don’t know if I have reached a peak, but we see that he is somewhere nearby. However, inside me full of energy. And I can continue to run your marathon. I like to think that what I do is art. That their victories I create a masterpiece. And I know – he is still not finished – he told me once, Lewis.

Don’t be surprised if next year he takes seventh title and overtake Michael Schumacher. And definitely don’t doubt that Hamilton has rightfully earned every trophy.

And champion-that – phony. What’s wrong with the title of Hamilton

source: “Soviet sport”