Formula 1

Mercedes is again the favorite, in “Ferrari” is ready to admit defeat. The results of the winter tests

Cunning novelty of the Mercedes Benz, gold in cars “Red bull”, bluff Ferrari and complexity in the team and Kvyat. What have we learned from pre-season tests “Formula 1”?


“What is it interesting from the Mercedes?” grappled competitors are already on the first tests. And carefully looked into the new “silver”, which is not thought of yourself. In Brackley we are able to surprise – or six titles in a row not to win! And to the new championship has developed a new surprise. Specifically, an experimental system DAS (from the Dual Axis Steering is “full control”), whereby due to the movements of the steering wheel in the longitudinal plane it is possible to change the alignment of the wheels and their angle of inclination. The novelty was effective – due to deliberate design. On braking, due to inertia (and, of course, not without the help of a pilot), steering wheel “goes” forward, the wheels on the front axle up to the maximum level position, thereby increasing the contact patch with the track, and with it the crisper turn-in (and at the same time simplifies the temperature control of the tires, reduces wear, plus added other similar bonuses). On acceleration under the action of the inertia of the wheel “is” back wheels bend inward relative to the nose of the car, hence reduced drag and increased top speed, which is so important on the straights of the track.

Selection of the settings is the most complex “game” for mechanics and pilots, which is extremely important to find the right balance between top speed and handling in turns. Failed, “lost” – I think, ruined the race or very complicated the path to success. And in “Mercedes” suddenly came up with a solution which reduces risk to a minimum. They have now these settings can be changed in the course of arrival. That certainly gives an advantage.

Of course, competitors are realizing that they again outwitted, immediately rushed to the FIA in protest. In FIA thought, weighed all “for” and “against”, and were forced to admit that none of the paragraphs of the rules, the DAS does not. To punish the “Mercedes” not for that. And to prohibit the use of a novelty too. However, next year is a two-axis control will be outlawed (there will come into effect in other rules, but it just has a clause on limitation of motion of the wheels along the axis). But it – in 2021-m. in 2020, the opponents of silver have to accept that the best team of recent years again proved wiser in the process of development. And either somehow win them with this DAS. Or in a hurry to develop their own equivalent.


The rivals are stronger than us on the straights – fact. And we need to think for the remaining time you how to fix the situation in the first races. If we understand that to fight for the title will not work, you may make bid for next year, – threw up his hands Mattia Binotto.

Such “sincerity” boss “Scuderia”, of course, is to pay tribute. But don’t be naive, everyone knows it’s a bluff. The management of “Ferrari” wisely decided – better “podstelit straw” for the likely failures, and then (if possible) to surprise everyone his real power than last year – to arrive at the “Grand Prix of Australia” the main favourite, based on the results of the first tests, and after to please down under the blows of opponents.

This time in Barcelona, none of the “stables” did not even think to unlock their true potential. Including and Ferrari. Yes, the gap in maximum speed was really significant. Neither Sebastian Vettelnor Charles Leclere was not splashed on the upper lines of the protocols, but such a task before them was not. All competitors, without exception, “codified” without revealing the potential of the cars. A computer simulation conducted by the competitors shown – optionally, the machine “Scuderia” on the maximum power of the motors is capable of capturing the second round only due to the acceleration on the straights! Overall, not as bad as Binotto says.

Probably… it Must be…

Thus, the reliability of the power plant of a Ferrari does not cause problems. Unlike Mercedes, which broke on the first team and customers (including the ill-fated “Williams”). With the speed in the turns from the scarlet machines of the same order. We don’t know whether they will be able to engage in full-fledged battle for the title. But, apparently, and to fight conventional “racing point” (which again hinted Binotto) in most cases is not necessary.


Moreover, in the literal sense – experts and simply meticulous people noticed on the car “Red bull” suspension components, “dressed” in gold. More precisely – in gold foil. And no, it’s not just the color – it’s not the foil from chocolates. It is about the real gold! “This is an ideal thermal insulation material. Yes, of course dear. But reliable and efficient,” explains knowledgeable people.

Well, the Bulls are not stingy at all, it’s about achieving a goal. But the goal is the same – the title.

If the opportunities, “Ferrari” we can still only guess, here’s a “Red bull” pleasantly impressed. And reliability of engines “Honda” (no failure for all tests!), and the concept of the chassis with a very compact back, and a brand new suspension (Yes – gold!), dampening vibration from the bumps and curbs, and new aerodynamic plumage (which is not surprising, because the CTO Bulls Adrian Newey not for nothing is the main genius of aerodynamics for the last 30 years!). All this has given a significant boost in speed, and we still don’t know what Red bull is capable of to the limit. Perhaps the Austrian team and will be the main competitor of Mercedes. The answer will be in Melbourne, but the chance is high.


In any case it is clear – the three favorites will remain the same, and in the middle of the peloton will continue serious struggle. Perhaps even catch up, “Williams”, though the chances are low. But still, the team from grove, at least this time managed to prepare for tests and to work out the entire program, not missed most days due to financial difficulties, as last year.

While it is obvious that “Renault”, “McLaren” and “racing point” (whose car is very similar to last year’s “Mercedes”) has taken a step ahead and will occasionally be needlessly stress leaders. Possible to fight for the podium, and certainly to fight each other for fourth place in the constructors ‘ championship. “Alfa Romeo” and “Haas” ‘re lagging, but to add they should. We are also concerned with the “alpha Tauri”, the former Toro Rosso, which included our Daniil Kvyat will drive his sixth season in the League. And here everything is unclear.

On the one hand, Red bull have seriously altered the attitude to the younger team. Now this is not a “farm club” for youth development. Not “daughter”. Rather, the younger “sister”. A name change and complete rebranding, plus the increase in the budget, said that rates increased. Now the racers of the team from Faenza should not just to gain experience. And to score points. And compete at the highest level. Hence and tighter technical integration with the top management team. But here is the output while there is no effect. First- unlike Red bull, “alpha Tauri” has not escaped the problems with the technique. Due to breakdowns, and Quat, and Pierre went Out periodically waste time on tests. And secondly- in the pivot table results, adjusted to the type of rubber the gap in the best circles of the same Kvyat and max Verstappen was approximately a second. Like a year ago.

That is really up to Red bull, “alpha Tauri” is now so far away, how far was before Toro Rosso.

This, however, does not mean that in the championship of the utimes and his partner is waiting for a rare fight for points. Much will depend on updates during the season that the younger “Scuderia” before, there were resources, and now, it seems to have. Plus, again, test results don’t mean much – the real balance of forces we will understand already in Melbourne. In principle, there is the chance that “alpha Tauri” sharply increased, and Kvyat will really be able to fight not only for a place in the top 10, but for podiums. Yes, not always. Yes, separate tracks and under suitable conditions. But nonetheless. How these expectations are met – find out two weeks later.

source: “Soviet sport”