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Mike Perry staged a fight in a bar and shouted racist insults

Odious UFC Welterweight Mike Perry has once again landed in trouble outside of the octagon, filmed on video and posted on social networks.

Yesterday, a Twitter user with the nickname MMAEejit released a video where you can see how Perry, have a slight unpleasantness with someone in a bar, goes to the exit, accompanied by a group of people. His girlfriend Latori Gonzalez asks Mike to leave, but the UFC refuses to do so, asking one of the bar staff: if they called the police. Perry then switches to another, inquiring him: if he touched it, the man denies that said, while the girl tells Perry that he was just trying to calm him down.

Perry also is heated to the limit and starts to call the person standing next to a “fat bastard” and “fat piece of shit”, the man rushes towards Mike, and then Perry drops his shot. He was immediately surrounded by other people, while UFC fighter shouts several times around one of his “back” and sits at the entrance dokapyvayas to his girlfriend that she is not on his side.

Recall your last fight Perry held at the recent UFC on ESPN 12, winning by unanimous decision Mickey Galla.