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Mike Tyson: “Roy Jones just had no idea that death was close”

Recently Mike Tyson got into it with a rap by Fat Joe via a video call, where the sides are not again raised the subject of Boxing. In particular, Joe remembered his misunderstanding with Roy Jones Jnr in the early noughties.

At the beginning of the two thousandth all know the song “Lean Back” from Terror Squad group, the soloist of which was Fat Joe, gained viral popularity. The original version of the soundtrack there was a line of Fat Joe addressed Roy Jones Jr. and had a few sarcastic character, who – 2005 – had two defeats by knockout in professional Boxing.

“You know, I have had I got one, Mike. In his track “Lean Back” (From the English. – “lean back”. – Approx.ed.) I originally gave this line: “Even Roy Jones had to lean back*”. It was a reference to the battle where he was knocked out. Your colleague is offended, and once he came to the club, where I was resting – for me to reach and understand. That is, the man came to ask me what I’m there for the Diss on his writing, and I thought then that this man was not one with whom to fuck. Mike, Yes to me that night to a crowd in an instant hit!”, recalls Joe.

“Jones just had no idea that death was close. This is what they do not realize – it implies Mike that great Champions can sometimes become a victim of his own ego. Is a serious thing, Joe. All the news about us, dope us up, making us believe that we are invincible and nobody never would be able to win.”

*This is the place Joe in the original language: “Even Roy Jones was forced to lean back”.