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Mike Tyson was offered 10 thousand dollars to fight a gorilla

As it turned out, the youngest world champion in the heavyweight division not only wanted to destroy every person who entered with him into the ring, but was also tempted to do the same thing with the animal world.

Recently, Mike Tyson expressed his regret about the fact that more than 15 years in captivity a few tigers, which he even allowed him to sleep in his own bed.

However, before the story of wild cats, Tyson was the episode where he nearly got into a fight with a gorilla during a visit with his beloved new York zoo.

“I remember that he paid money to the employee of the zoo in new York, so he opened it just for me and Robin [the ex-wife of boxer – approx. ed.]” – said Tyson in an interview with The Sun. – “There was a gorilla with a silver stripe on the back, who used to bully all the other gorillas, who was sitting with her in the cage. They were so huge and frightening, but the eyes were like an innocent child. I suggested zookeeper $10,000 to let me into the cage and allowed to teach this bully with a silver stripe! But I was refused”.