Mikel Landa – on training in the major centers of coronavirus and mess at home

In an exclusive interview for the show La Montonera on Eurosport Mikel Landa speaks about the current challenges faced by a professional cyclist.

“With the team we are in constant contact. We assess the situation every athlete in every country, particularly if training. Cycling is allowed in countries such as France, Italy or Spain, which are among the most affected by the virus.”

The athlete told about the possible meeting with the team to prepare for the Tour de France.

“It’s an option that evaluates the team from the moment it happened. While it is possible, I think we will be able to do something, but it really depends on how the situation will continue in the places where we might be able to do it.”

“This season cannot be considered lost, but it will be quite strange. As soon as the tour ends, we will have to perform, it is time to take on another big challenge will be able to recover well and relax. Why not?”.

Mikel Landa / Source: Getty Images

Landa believes that the current situation hurts all athletes equally.

“Because we are all in the same position, I’m calmer. Much worse, when you’re dealing with injuries, because while you’re waiting, the others move forward. However, since we’re all at home and in the same state, I look forward to returning to competition much calmer”.

Said the cyclist and how they spend their free time.

“I managed to unpack and put things in order around the house, top to bottom. It turned out, I have accumulated too many things in storage, cabinets, some old bikes. In the end, you want to have fun as much as possible”.