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Nurmagomedov: “If I can’t get to the UFC 249 – tournament without me”

The champion of UFC in lightweight (70 kg), the Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov (28-0) announced during a live broadcast in Instagram that the organization will nevertheless try to host a tournament UFC 249 in the United States, which he, due to the closure of the Russian and American borders, not time to get.

“What fight, if when we return, Russia banned the entry and exit of foreign citizens? Just as in America, Europe… the Whole world went into quarantine. Now I’ve heard reports that the UFC agree with any state to fight. But at the moment I can’t fly from Russia and are in isolation. Exactly the same as everyone else.

We are talking about what if I can’t participate in this tournament – they spend it without me. Please. I’m not opposed to the UFC hosted a tournament. If the rules of a country allow them to do it, then let them collect 50 people. I am in favour of soldiers has fulfilled his contract and earned. I know, what kind of problems they have. Until they come to blows, they are unable to solve them.

I also know that they look for a replacement for Tony Ferguson because I am here and not able to fly to America. And here I am not on their own! We have consulted with the UFC, and they told us that the fight will take place in Abu Dhabi. At the moment when they reported it to us, I have already held in the AKA five weeks of hard training and was in very good shape. So now I say, in disbelief,” said Nurmagomedov.