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Oleg Maskaev on fight with Vitali Klitschko: “He flew from corner to corner and then two times hooked on ass”

The former world champion in superheavy weight Oleg Maskaev shared memories about his early victory over Vitali Klitschko in the championship of the Armed forces of the USSR in 1991. The legendary Ukrainian boxer claims then refused to continue the bout due to a hand injury. But Maskaev is convinced that the angle Klitschko threw in the towel because he smashed Vitali.

“In the final I come up against Vitali. Battle and one round failed. I was in shock and have felt good mentally. For me at that time Klitschko was a nobody. Then he began to win and climb. And then he was passing opponent. I passed him in the first round. Remember that twice hit him, knocked him down. Even the referee Kokoshkin was not considered. Coach Klitschko just a towel was thrown. He realized that he was there to do to me nothing. So the fight stopped.

Vitaly says he broke his arm. How could he break an arm if never struck? From corner to corner, flew, and then twice hooked on ass. I had to open an account, but Kokoshkin said I beat an open glove. What an open glove when he’s on the backside sits?

Then the towel is thrown, and the fight was stopped. I was already a multiple champion of the Sports club of the army. In that year, once again won,” – said Oleg Maskaev in an interview with YouTube channel “Ustica”.