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Oleg Maskaev: “the Klitschko Brothers took their titles due to the fact that the Lord gave them health and growth”

The former world champion in superheavy weight Oleg Maskaev does not consider Vitaly and Vladimir Klitschko, the great fighters. According to him, the brothers just taught to use their size. Besides, Maskaev is convinced that the team Klitschko wisely built their career.

“The Klitschko brothers have achieved a lot. Great or not? I can name many great boxers. It is the men, which is constantly being said. For Example, Mohammed Ali. I really like George foreman – a great boxer was. Holyfield, too, was bright, talented and promising. Mike Tyson. It’s the people who left his mark in Boxing.

The Klitschko brothers also left their mark and have made many world Champions. But these guys took their titles due to the fact that the Lord gave them health and growth. Put them in the proper stance and how to fight. That’s all. No such Champions, who could resist them. If the Klitschko brothers came on strong guys, who spoke earlier, I think it would be hard.

Their management is very correctly picked opponents. Opponents with big names that have been on the decline. There is a risk has been minimal”, – said Oleg Maskaev in an interview with YouTube channel “Ustica”.

Recall Maskaev also explained why there was no his fight with Vitali Klitschko as a Pro.