Oleksandr Sevidov: “There is a decision of the FTC Amount. I’m innocent”

50-year-old former coach of “Mariupol” and “Metalist” Alexander Sevidov told about the decision on contractual matches “Sum” in the period of his work at the club.

Why not even a single solution for you? The talk is, but there is no solution.
– Actually, the solution for me and “Amount” is already in the FTC. I’m innocent. The decision can be appealed within 10 days. But why would I appeal? It entered into force.

The FTC sent the case back for further consideration. Not anew – and additional. Because some of the participants in the case filed an appeal.

I find it easier to talk with journalists, because I have the facts. Now reading the case materials. It’s the police investigated the case “Sum”. This document, signed by police and procurators (hereinafter Sevidov reading the document — approx. ed.).

First – at the time of the match Kozar (at the time head of the “Sum” — approx. ed.) contacted Davydov said that “Sumy” at halftime with Desna decided to throw the match and start playing for betting. The team knew that 5 players on the field. Davydov said that talked about this with Mr Sevidov, too, and he immediately understood who the players merges the game.

I mean, nobody knew, but Sevidov have guessed.

The other — in 2017 Sevidov contacted CASAREM and said that the match referee wanted to win, the Sum of 40 thousand and 50. What Kozar agreed. But you are the referee of this game was punished? I swear daughter never talked with the judges on this occasion.

The third player calls me and says, “I Think, will be with the judges to work today?” Replied: “Will — glasses are needed and so and so”. Know what they write? Sevidov meant “Sumy”. But why this club? Where is Sevidov and match-fixing?

The match “Volyn” — “Sumy”. Quote verbatim, the dialogue between CASAREM recorded by the police. He tells me: “Today I will meet one. Well, I told him for the victory will offer 100 and a draw 30. Okay?” He replied: “Fine.”

Police writes: “Sevidov colluded with CASAREM”. Give a bribe for what? To benefit yourself or a third party. But here’s the catch — Sevidov has not worked in the “sumac”, did not receive a salary, bonus. And there the matter stopped. In fact, even a mistake made in my name.