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Oleksandr Usyk – critics: “You hate that I don’t meet your expectations”

Recently, some fans quite often criticized Ukrainian heavyweight Alexander Usik because of his controversial statements. Boxer drew attention to this situation and decided to comment on the attacks in the address from the haters. Apparently, the last straw for the Whiskers was the criticism after a joint broadcast with Russian rapper Basta, who denied entry to the territory of Ukraine.

“People wrote that I was live with Vasily Mikhailovich Vakulenko and everything else. Yes, led air. Listen to it for a long time, somewhere in 2009. And I listen to different music. Friends, you know, what annoys you is that you don’t like that you hate? What I do not meet your expectations. I don’t have to do this. You expect something from someone. Not specifically from me, but from someone.

These people I call whiners. They complain about their lives that they have nothing that they can not earn. These people ask: “How to make a million?”. Your whole point is that you want a million. You are not worthy of a million, do not know how to spend it. Your main task – millions, millions, millions. It is very small, no matter what money – dollars or euros. It’s not very much.

If you want to get a million, you never in life won’t get it. Because you want more and not settle for less. Whiners don’t even understand that in this way help other people who want to reach their goals,” said Oleksandr Usyk live Instagram.