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Oleksandr Usyk told the rapper baste, what is the box

The former absolute world champion in the first heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk recently spoke live Instagram with the famous rap by Basta.

Basta: “Tell me, please, how to start elderly novice Boxing fans, to unleash the full flavor of Boxing to fall in love with it and continue and continue?”

Mustache: “Boxing very much reflects our life. Life sometimes gets put on the knees, but we rise and move on. Secondly, Boxing is a very awesome sport, but if you do them as a gym, that’s even better. Almost all muscle groups involved. Plus the people who wanted someone to beat and learned to box, they will not be beaten, because a strong man will always pretend to be weak. Only the weak try for someone to beat or give change”.

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“Strong will never beat the weak”. Usyk told @bastaakanoggano what 👊 Heavyweight Boxing and the popular singer spoke live 📱 Instagram #Boxing #mustache #Basta #of barscreen #will Lucianne #boxing #basta #usyk #usyk17 #usyksportwear #luckypunchnet

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Recall that his next fight Alexander Usik should hold against the British heavyweight Derek Chisora. Initially the fight was scheduled for 23rd may, but due to persisting pandemic coronavirus fight was postponed to a later date.