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One Quat and two Schumacher. What to expect from the Grand Prix of Russia

Friday will start in Sochi Russian UIK-end “Formulas-1”. For the sixth time in history will host the Grand Prix of Russia. “Soviet sport” – about the main intrigue of the stage.


Daniil Kvyat made his debut in the “Formula 1” in the same year, when the calendar first appeared Sochi. One of the tribunes of the circuit named in his honor. Here he first broke into the top 5 in qualifying in the same season in 2014, and this position is still about the best for the Russians in his career at Toro Rosso (Yes, three more times he started fourth, but it was already on “Red bull”). Daniel always is greeted with enthusiasm, and he admits that the home Grand Prix for obvious reasons holds a special place in the heart of a pilot. But this does not mean that quata every weekend in Sochi takes place successfully and smoothly.

On the contrary – here was wrong and disastrous days.

Chief among them, of course, we remember when in 2016 Daniel twice “dumped” Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel, ruining the race themselves and the Germans. Formally, this was the reason for the decrease Kvyat – the next day he was sent from Red bull to Toro Rosso, taking the opposite course max Verstappen. Than all has ended, know that the Dutchman won his debut Grand Prix for the Bulls, becoming the best in Spain, and later became a superstar. And Daniel was not able to open up again in 2017 were excluded from the “Red bull” before the finish of the world Cup.

Later, however, returned.

How will the Grand Prix now we don’t know. But there are a couple of moments that certainly spoiled the Russian mood before arriving in Sochi.

First, before the race in Singapore, the consultant Red bull Helmut Marko had to say:

– We do not consider quata on the place in the main team next season. Here there is only the struggle between Pierre went Out and Alex Mirel Albon. As for Kvyat, he is in the “Red bull” will not return. But we are ready to confirm it in the “Toro Rosso”. It’s not official yet, but within the team all have been solved.

Secondly, Daniel himself after this statement (not the fact that because of it, but nevertheless) gave a really lousy weekend. At the Grand Prix of Singapore he was poor in qualifying, being only 16-m. And the race finished one place higher. Not because the car rode badly or have problems with the motor. But mainly because of his own lack of pace, which prevented Kvyat to use the opportunity to get into the points zone (they were, and they were many, which was confirmed Extinguished, who eventually became the 8th). To the credit of the residents it should be noted that he did not look for excuses. But honestly admit that you failed the race. However, such setbacks happen all.

Alas, it is now clear that in Sochi Daniil will start from the last row on all vehicles Red bull and Toro Rosso will change the elements of the power plant, but only on the car Kvyat will change completely. That will result in a significant fine (Verstappen, a charming little town situated and carried Out, will be punished only by the loss of five places on the grid). In such circumstances, to break into the points area would be almost impossible – it goes Quat not a “Ferrari” or “Mercedes”. However, there is always the opportunity for heroism! And can be home stands and the home fans this time will help Daniel to show your best performance.


We assume that the crisis in Ferrari ended. “Ferrari” has won the last three Grand Prix, and in Singapore at all did take. On the highest step of the podium managed to get up and Charles Leclere, and Vettel – so that both pilots are in good shape. Equally important (and, perhaps, the most important thing!) the success became possible not only because of the speed of cars (she was always high), but due to the competent work teams (with strategies and tactics, and the technical part – in the garage, on the pit stops). That is tactics, for example, has allowed Ferrari to get ahead of the two Mercedes at the city track “Marina Bay” a week ago. And if earlier in the “Scuderia” errors of both management and ordinary mechanics often spoil riders life (by the way, the pilots also sometimes wrong – remember how messed up Vettel in Italy, where he made a u-turn, and then knocked lance Stroll), now everything is in order. Let’s hope – will remain. And if things continue to go in the same direction, then the Ferrari is the best chance to win in Sochi.

Because the track itself – with an abundance of long straights and high speed turns – now suits her better than “Mercedes”. Al cars have the advantage in speed (and maximum and speed on long bends), backed by the power of the engine, which we saw in Monza and Spa. So opponents will not be easy, and it is difficult to say that they need to come up with to stay ahead of the “Scuderia”. Unless LeClair and Vettel will themselves make serious mistakes. Or, again, “screw up” mechanics. Or racing engineers make a mistake in the settings. Or will intervene weather… And it can intervene – according to the forecast, in Sochi this weekend, rain is expected!

But it is no secret that Ferrari is still the most popular “stable”. In Russia, as in most other countries, it had the most active support. So if over the podium on Sunday will feature the national anthem of Italy in honor of the victory “of the Scuderia,” it will please a significant portion of the fans. Although, of course, the ideal would be a slightly different version – the anthem of Italy, but in honor of the “Toro Rosso”, and after the Russian – in honor of Kvyat.


The race in Sochi is different each time and different from each other, but they always ended the same – with the victory of the driver of the “Mercedes”. In three cases out of five even doubles silver. Three times won Lewis Hamilton (2014, 2015, 2018), once – Nico Rosberg (2016) and Valtteri Bottas (2017). Finn, by the way, was to become the first in the past year, but happened to be known among fans “Valtteri, this is James” – so began the talks on the radio, during which he was ordered to skip ahead of team-mate.

– I think, I was the favor. Would be nice to see him now return, said Bottas reporters the other day.

But even if there’s something strange, and Valtteri will not ask again to let Lewis (as, for example, in Singapore, where he was asked to slow down and hold back the Mirel Albon, which Hamilton took the lead after pit stops), to celebrate the victory of the Finn will not be easy. Partly for the reasons described above. “Mercedes” at once, don’t look here favorite. Although maybe it just seems like the first workout will convince us otherwise.

In any case, after a deadly (for the opponent) first half of the season, in the championship there has been a slight fracture. It won’t affect the final outcome – it is clear that Lewis will win the title, and Mercedes in the constructors ‘ championship. But Red bull and especially Ferrari no longer look noticeably lagging. In the last seven races on their account five victories. Choose a Hamilton, with Bottas in Sochi? Attempt at all costs to return the status quo? Or not fighting for the victory in favor of reliable finish higher in points?


“Sochi Circuit” is considered to be one of the most difficult tracks in the calendar of the world championship. There is a high cost of failure (Romain Grosjean in 2015, with one wrong movement of the steering wheel smashed the car to pieces!). And serious requirements as to the form of pilots (including physical). There is no single scenario may give the arrival. Grand Prix of Russia may be interesting (with a tense fight for points, lots of crashes and even accidents on the final lap), and maybe boring (as happened in 2016, when the race was not a single overtaking, without getting ahead of the circular).

What awaits us now?

Most likely, the battle will still. And for the victory. And for a place in the top 10. High competition in the middle group of commands involves a tense affair – “Renault”, “McLaren”, “Toro Rosso”, “Alfa Romeo” and “racing point” have almost equal chances to get points from two machines. Plus can catch up “Haas” – if Grosjean again will not fly to the bumper, and Kevin Magnussen will avoid problems with the pace on long distances. About the battle between Mercedes, Ferrari and Red bull have already said above. So with a high percentage we have. Neither in the stands nor at the TV screens.


And Yes, the Grand Prix is not only “Formula 1”! In the framework of the weekend will be races in the Junior series – “Formula 2” “Formula 3”. In the latter case, we are waiting for the outcome in the battle for the title, because the Russian stage – the final series in the calendar. And, most likely, the championship will go to the Russian Robert Schwartzman – the pilot of the youth programme Ferrari, which has already won three races and with a solid lead in the overall standings (180 points against 147 his nearest rival Indian of Jehana Daruwala).

In the “Formula 2” the end of the season is scheduled for November in Abu Dhabi. And the race in Sochi will be the last. And here we see at once three Russians – Nikita Mazepin (he plays all season, but only 18th in the League), Artem Markelov (sit in the cockpit of the car “Arden”) and for Matevos Isahakyan (and replace in the “Zauber” Juan Manuel Correa, who is still in hospital after crash with Antoine Hubert on the track in Spa, ended the life of French racer).

And in Sochi will perform two Schumacher. And this is no joke! In the “Formula 2” for the victory will fight Mick is the son of Michael. And in the “Formula 3” will debut David – nephew of Summy Sr. and the son of his brother Ralph.



The organizers do not plan to transfer the Russian Grand Prix from Sochi to Saint Petersburg. Rumors about such a scenario recently appeared in the Western press.

This news immediately sparked a wave of discussions, the review and gave Kvyat (“It’s not such a bad idea. In Sochi all good, but who knows, maybe there will be better?” – told the Russians). Subsequently, however, the Secretary of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak (supervised by the organization of the Grand Prix of Russia) Ilya Dzhus told reporters:

– The current contract to stage “Formula 1” is held in Sochi and is valid until 2025. We did not discuss with owners the possibility of moving the Grand Prix to another city.


5 848 meters is the length of “Sochi Circuit”. In the calendar, “Formula-1” long only Silverstone (5891 m), Baku (6003 m) and Spa (7004 m).

53 circle have to overcome pilots in the Sunday race. The total distance will be 309,745 km.

55,000 people – the capacity of the “Sochi Circuit”. According to tradition, all tickets for the race sold out long before the Grand Prix.

source: “Soviet sport”