Formula 1

Organization of the Monaco Grand Prix continues

In the Principality of Monaco, and almost all of Europe, in a situation with coronavirus imposed various restrictions. On March 14, in Monte Carlo, issued a decree on the temporary closure of places of entertainment where a lot of people gather (cafes, bars, restaurants, night clubs and cinemas). Despite this, the organizers of the Monaco Grand Prix continue to prepare the track.

The government approved the initiative despite the fact that decisions about whether the Grand Prix yet.

“The work must continue. At the moment of the decision on cancellation or postponement of the Grand Prix of Monaco was not accepted, and therefore the possibility exists that the Grand Prix will be held in normal conditions,” said the authorities of the Principality.

It is noted that the organizers have difficulties with the number of workers who prepared the route, because most of them come from neighbouring France and Italy.

Earlier it was reported that Formula 1 might move another step.