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Presented by brother Nurmagomedov people threaten harm to the journalist who explained how Habib can fly from Russia

Russian journalist Alexander Lyutikov received threats in his address from an unknown person, who had previously seemed to him a cousin of Habib Nurmagomedov. Before that, the buttercups told about several options by which the champion of UFC in lightweight still can fly to the US to fight with Tony Ferguson, despite the quarantine in Russia.

These suggestions did not like the stranger who contacted Buttercup and rigid form began to threaten him.

“You lured something, the hog, the type of writing, if Habib is willing, he will score such a room to out of the country to fly? That is, you want to submit information of the type Habib has no desire, little rat? Are you completely misled, I think, there is no way you crippled to do, rat?

I personally have several groups of people stopped you in the head were to break. Bitch rootless. You th, b*I? You were made to grovel before us and deserve our indulgence. To get noticed, you gave an interview or in the head.

I understand that when you’re on the pigs themselves such any say, but when the about us, the highlanders, saying, why do you not think that you will arrive? Now I’m trying to burn the scum,” said anonymous.

Because the record contains foul language and threats, we will not put it on the website. However, you can listen to the audio by clicking on the source link under this post.