Formula 1

Quat – against the Red bulls. A team of Russian should become stronger

Barcelona start pre-season tests. The pilots will test the new machine, and the fans will get the answers to the questions that concern us in the world Cup.


Technical regulations “Formulas-1” will change dramatically only after a year. The upcoming season as part of the requirements for the technique is almost no different from previous ones. Yes, their nuances, but they are purely cosmetic – like increase of the maximum mass of the car from 740 to 745 kg, reduce the amount of additional fuel tanks (2 l to 0.25 l) or the ban on purchases of third-party commands the air ducts of the braking system. So the new machine – in fact, an evolution of the previous versions. The revolution will have to wait.

But this does not mean that the appearance of cars will not change. It is not only in the updated livery, which became brighter and more noticeable. The car is slightly “‘re looking trim” at its rear end, a trained eye will notice a narrower nose cones, different suspension architecture, slightly modified front spoiler. However, it is really discreet details, to highlight which is not easy, even in direct comparison photos of last year’s and new cars. Although we have to admit – in General those parts of the machine of 2020 look a little more modern, prettier and more stylish than last season. Although… Perhaps it’s a matter of taste.


Much more worried about the fans, does a small amount of change in appearance of the cars as a small change in the balance of power among the teams? How increase or decrease competition in the championship? Given the protracted hegemony of “Mercedes”, “Formula 1” is in dire need of fierce competition. Is there a chance the nearest competitor “silver” to compete for the title, we will understand during the tests in Barcelona. Although it finally becomes clear only at the beginning of the season.

However, nothing prevents us to make predictions. And most experts agree that radical change will not happen. If anyone will be able to fight with Mercedes, so it’s still Ferrari and Red bull. But if “Honda” will continue to progress in the same pace as last season, chances are the Bulls even better. Power Japanese power plants increases, the reliability also raises questions, and the technical genius of Adrian Newey allows to count on him and with a minimum of changes in the rules were able to build a close to perfect chassis. In many respects last season it was the best we saw on the fast and technical terrain and that was confirmed by the victories of max Verstappen. However, it is unclear how the rest of the second season for Alex Mirel Albon. Thai, of course, impressed with the debut, looked very dignified, deserve a raise in the top team, but whether he will cope with the sharply increased level of responsibility?

How will the relations Vettel and LeClair to Ferrari, and most importantly – how bosses “Scuderia” will organize its policy towards racers (will be divided into first and second, if Yes, someone will make a leader if not the consequences of their uncontrolled fight on the track?) questions are also missing.

There is intrigue in how the rest of the competition the teams of the second echelon. Will it be possible to add sharply, “Reno”, the progress of which has stalled (and, by and large, not begun)? Continue to break into the elite “McLaren”? It’s definitely Alfa Romeo conductive and, apparently, his last season, Kimi Raikkonen? One thing is likely clear – “Williams,” will always remain notebooks outsider. Resources for developing fast chassis they do not have. Although, unlike last year, now in the Grove at least managed to build a test machine.


But the main changes have affected the current team of Daniil Kvyat. And it now special attention – not only from the Russian fans. In the Toro Rosso kept the structure but changed the colors, changed the entire concept of development, changed the budget (upward) and even changed the name – now it’s “alpha Tauri”. And most importantly – has changed the attitude of the owners “stables” to her as to the project in the “Formula-1”. If earlier the younger “Scuderia” was considered as the farm-club “Red bull”, now everything is different. Now attitude, not as “daughter” and “sister.” That was confirmed by the consultant “Bull” Helmut Marko.

– With the change of name has changed and the goal – admitted the Austrian. Now this team is equal to “Red Bull” status. Which of course involves an increase in resources for its development.

Business Empire Dietrich Mateschitz using “alpha Tauri” plans to promote his own brand of clothing created in 2016. Now it is important not just to run in the youth, hoping to grow a star for the Red bulls. Now in the first place – results. And to raise them, the team infused additional funds. But at the same time launched the process of integration with the technical staff of the Bulls. This does not mean that in Faenza and in Milton Keynes now make identical cars. But many of the achievements of the “Red bull” will be used in the “alpha Tauri” (which, don’t be surprised almost before was not). Now this applies to the gearbox, front suspension, hydraulics, brakes, fuel system and air intakes of power plants. In the future, the list will expand as much as is in principle possible without violating the rules.

So, speed “alpha Tauri” will be much higher!

Hardly enough to fight for victory and the title. But the reason to see Kvyat in the points zone or even on the podium more often than before, we still have. How much hope is justified – maybe we can see in Barcelona.



1st pilot

2nd pilot


Lewis Hamilton (UK)

Valtteri Bottas (Finland)


Sebastian Vettel (Germany)

Charles Leclerc (Monaco)

Red Bull

Max Verstappen (Holland)

Alex Mirel Albon (Thailand)


Carlos Sainz (Spain)

Lando Norris (UK)


Daniel Ricciardo (Australia)

Esteban Windows (France)

Alpha Tauri

Daniil Kvyat (Russia)

Pierre Went Out (France)

Racing Point

Sergio Perez (Mexico)

Lance Stroll (Canada)

Alfa Romeo

Kimi Raikkonen (Finland)

Antonio Giovinazzi (Italy)


Kevin Magnussen (Denmark)

Roman Grozhan (France)


George Russell (UK)

Nicholas Latifi (Canada)



Daniil Kvyat first sit behind the wheel of a new car “alpha Tauri”. The Russians will work out for the team the entire starting day of the winter tests.

Recall that the races will start at 11.00 and ends at 20.00 Moscow time. Thursday, February 20, Kvyat will replace his partner Pierre went Out. The final day of the first series – February 21 – the pilots will be shared equally. Russian will work until lunch, the Frenchman – in the evening session.

The second and final pre-season tests held in Barcelona from 26 to 28 February. The first stage of the championship – “Gran-at Australia” held in Melbourne on 13-15 March.

source: “Soviet sport”