Quest, the Kuban and the prize is a “Subaru”!

In the Krasnodar territory passed the quest “Car of the year”. Who won the Grand prize of a Subaru XV.

And as the author of these lines was immersed in a holiday atmosphere, having survived three days of wild drive, tests and an unquenchable desire to win, which each participant experienced.


“The car of year in Russia” – the largest research project that studies the automotive preferences of Russians, and six lucky people from different parts of our vast country for the fourth consecutive year gives you the opportunity to become a part of the quest “Car of the year”. And to receive a gift of a new car. Who of you would refuse such a chance? I don’t think.

On 31 October we landed in Krasnodar, boarded the bus and I heard the coveted “Quest begins now.” Every time something went wrong: was it the breakdown of the bus on the way to the dealership or local eerie tube, which we were behind schedule, everything was accompanied by the comment: “This quest!”. What? In my opinion, bulletproof. By the way, men, note in a dispute with a woman – it really works.

But all the above did not spoil the fighting spirit and attitude. In the cabin Subaru we were greeted as expected: camera flashes, loud music, delicious Breakfast. And presented warm clothing from the partner of competition of the company Total – so we can feel comfortable in our journey. The quest was attended by 6 cars “Subaru” with three crew members in each car (one person is “of the people” and two representatives of the media), and the teams determined the old lot.

And here treasured hour H. We are driving brand-new “Subaru XV”, is heard a muttering sound of the engines… On your marks, get set, go!


As a typical girl, I tend to choose a car for two main “exclusively female” characteristics. First – “like the look”. The second – “the feeling of comfort while driving”. In the case of the “Subaru XV” the stars aligned – coincided both factors.

The exterior of the car itself is quite attractive, especially in a juicy orange color. Plus designers “for the mood” let the orange stitching on the interior that added spice to the interior.

For me personally, model “Subaru” inside was always a little clumsy and modest, but at the XV this conservative approach are not affected. It looks, as they say, “stylish, fashionable, youth”. That, however, does not prevent him to become a full-fledged family car – seats in the cabin and boot abound.
The organizers made a good choice of venue – quest landscapes of the Krasnodar territory (trails, mountains, roads) allowed “Subaru XV” to show all their strengths. And responsive handling, and excellent grip on sharp turns (rolls not as a class). Help when changing lanes, the sensors on the mirrors to monitor blind areas, the system “start-stop”, allowing to save fuel as tracking the intersection of the solid lines – gives up everything to care about people and their wallets. Two days while driving all the time, regardless of weather conditions and road surface, I felt very confident, safe and comfortable. Unless you need something else?

In the end, my verdict is: I want to imagine “Subaru XV”! Of course, orange.


What the test has in store for us on the quest, everyone could only guess. But some of them are given to understand – in the event of another crisis in the country, we without work will not stay. Contests from our partners was so varied and unpredictable that power, ingenuity, perseverance, creativity and excellent driving skills here is very useful to us!

Thus, the Husqvarna with the help of his equipment has taught us to wash and dry machine, sawing logs with millimetre precision, to get a bottle of water in the box with the blower… Not sure where the last skill can be useful, but it was fun! And, importantly, all these clearly male activities we girls performed with ease and not worse.

…The night, wakes up the mafia. We were given a map marked with a cross the location of the small cans Total. The task is simple – which team will find more cans, and she will win. You understand – we were in the woods near the river, in complete darkness except for the headlights illuminated a little bit our way (plus, of course, the flashlight in the phone). On all about all 15 minutes. A long-standing love for search-search contests played a role – I was the first member who found two cans! And 10 inches of clay, which I brought to the finish line in their shoes, only confirmed how much I tried.


The result of the trip was the gala dinner and announcement of the winner of the quest “Car of the year 2017”. Of course 6 participants who fiercely fought to the last for the main prize – “Subaru XV”, where more experienced journalists. To the last in the soul of each cherished the hope that the car will get him. But the winner could be only one, and it was Shelekhov Roman from Moscow. Other participants were awarded with commemorative gifts from partners and a warm, friendly atmosphere which made it clear loser here. In any case, chasing the dream that we had a great three days in the Krasnodar region.

But the quest “Car of the year” is not forgiven with you and in 2018 he will give everyone the opportunity to try their hand in the fight for the main prize. Who knows, maybe a year on a new car will it leave you?

source: “Soviet sport”