Race for survival: Tereshchenko and Sirotkin to the finish line is not reached

The main annual event in the world of Motorsport brought victory to Fernando Alonso.

Popular race “24 hours of Le Mans” was held last weekend in 87 times. On the famous track “Sorta” near the small town of Le Mans, gathered a quarter of a million fans of the sport.

It’s not just the high standards of the race is also the opportunity to see the intrigue, to go through a real drama and emotions. The machine will stand at the finish line, you’ll be ahead of the couple all night Katyusha the day before in the tavern. This happened, in particular, in 1953 – since then changed the speed, standards and regulations, but the memory, as they say, alive.

The track “Carte” – one of the longest in the world – more than 13.5 km away And it is – excuse me for the banality – was created in order to make a long race exciting almost at every turn, on almost every line. And from the point of view of the mechanics of the machine can be a specimen of engineering, but what will happen to her by the expiry of the 24th hour?

Russian fans was what to follow. So, in the Junior class prototypes (LMP2) – the team of Russian Roman Rusinov and Alpine Renault. Recall the background: the protest of the French led last year to the fact that the Novel and its partners took victory in the race, and fined for the use of ad hoc equipment for fuel supply during refueling.

A major victory was won by Fernando Alonso. Thus, throughout the season, Toyota dominates: won 8 races out of eight.

Alas, Sergey Sirotkin, Egor Orudzhev and Stephane Sarrazin are unable to get to the finish line. And in the LMP2 class didn’t get to the finish line the crew of the ARC Bratislava, which acts Konstantin Tereshchenko.

“24 hours of Le Mans”

1. Alonso, Buemi, Nakajima – Toyota TS050 Hybrid (LMP1)

2. Conway, Kobayashi, Lopez – Toyota TS050 Hybrid (LMP1) – the gap 16.972

3. Petrov, Aleshin, Vandorn – BR BR1 Engineering (LMP1) – the gap 6 laps

source: “Soviet sport”