Formula 1

Race with the coronavirus. Start if the season, “Formula 1”?

“Soviet sport” – about the main intrigue of the season. Which is supposed to start on Friday in Australia, but probably still does not start.


While the authorities of the state of Victoria has collected an emergency meeting about whether to give the race start, was wondering on two issues:

a) whether the start of the world Cup in Australia?

b) how many races will be held this season?

Initially, the championship-2020 was supposed to be the most eventful in the history of the calendar included 22 stage! It is considering debuting the “Grand Prix of Vietnam” and renewed “Grand Prix of Holland”. A month ago, it became clear – of the record will not be. The epidemic of coronavirus has forced the Chinese authorities to cancel all major sporting events in the country, including the race in Shanghai. Talking about the transfer of Chinese “Grand Prix” in the fall was carried on for some time, but quickly fizzled and it became clear that this is impossible. So the number of stages reduced by at least one.

And then it started!

A week ago it became known that the second “Grand Prix” of the season in Bahrain, will be held without spectators. “Not a problem – there never was going full tribunes”, – shrugged the consultant Red bull Helmut Marko, and all agreed with him. Important – arrivals to be. But then a fog. Vietnam on the eve of the stage in Hanoi (scheduled for 3-5 April) closed all borders. A formal decision to cancel the race no, but de facto entry into the country is prohibited, and it is unclear how you get there, at least the team with the pilots (not to mention the fans). The spring European season of the same question – given what is happening in the Old world, where stop even football League. Not technically rule out the possibility that the championship 2020 will fit only two “Grand Prix” in Australia and Bahrain. Although not the fact that there will be even the first.

On the eve of the first practices the following became known:

1) in Australia, the coronavirus has infected the famous actor Tom Hanks with his wife. I put on the ears of the whole country. Yes there is the whole world! Because the stars of this level of the epidemic has not yet suffered.

2) ibid., in Melbourne, under the presence of a disease were several staff teams. And if the mechanics “Haas” the diagnosis was not confirmed, then one of the “McLaren” with no luck. It is really infected. And so, under the quarantine and got the whole “stable”. Which, just in case, decided to cancel his performances this weekend.

3) panic in the capital of the state of Victoria grew and resulted, among other things, the petition on the abolition of “Grand Prix”. Which was signed by 15,000 people. The pilots themselves and the other teams said that is also not against such measures. Yes, even Lewis Hamilton did not play the hypocrite!

– I am very surprised that we’re here. Of course, cool when there is a race, but I’m still shocked that we are sitting in this room, ‘ said the reigning six-time champion on Thursday at a press conference. – U.S. President closes the air communication between the United States and Europe, the NBA is stopped and the “Formula 1” continues. It’s weird.

– I think all riders will agree with me – if the situation becomes critical, we pull the “hammer” – echoed Sebastian Vettel.

Ultimately, the pilots Union and the representatives of the teams said they fully trust the Australian authorities. And take any decision on carrying out “Gran-at” in Melbourne. But read between the lines – I wish it was canceled.

That race will take place on Thursday night, reported the BBC. Although it is unofficial.


But what awaits us when the season starts? Let not now, not in Melbourne. But even after two months. Will the Mercedes hegemony and Lewis won his seventh title, or the fans will see a serious fight for the Cup and a lot of interesting “Grand Prix”?

The results of the tests did not reply. Yes, the Mercedes is still in shape, but their speed brings the reliability of the propulsion motors “silver” broke too often (like customers of the German company). “Ferrari” in principle play “in the dark” – did not demonstrate their true speed, and said (through its leadership) too much inferior to competitors. However, computer modulation and analysis of experts led to the conclusion: Yes, the Mercedes will remain favourites, but he did impose a fight.

And apparently, it’s not a Ferrari. And “Red Bull”.

The bulls under the leadership of the technical genius of Adrian Newey was able to build a chassis that is most suitable to their leader, max Verstappen. And the mechanics of the Honda suddenly created the engine, through innovative solutions giving an edge over competitors. Talking about the settings of the heat exchanger MGU-H is one of the foundations of modern hybrid propulsion systems. Due to various technical tricks “hondovskie” engineers, it is able to generate power even when gas pedal is released, for example, in turns. Allowing early start of acceleration and gives you a huge advantage in speed at the exit of the turns. And this, in turn, facilitates overtaking that of young Dutch master and so. Throw in innovative suspension (allowing without serious negative consequences to storm “curbs” and other bumps in the road) and have a unique car, capable of making Verstappen the youngest champion in history. Actually, there broke- if Max will take the title this season (at the finish of the championship he will be 23 years since “penny”), the record of Vettel (23 years, 134 days) stand. Nowhere to go. Sink or swim!

According to the statement of experts, the chance is still there – the dominance of the Mercedes should not be significant.


The only Russian in the first “Formula” got only a few seconds in the new season of the Netflix series about “Queen of Motorsport”, not appears in the list of favorites and generally is in the shadow of the other pilots. But still, from him much is expected! And not just fans.

– Which of the two deserves more attention? Of Course, Daniel! After a season-2019 fans again appreciated it. Yes, Kvyat lost amid controversy Faded and the charming little town situated at the place in the “Red bull”, but I still insist – it shows your highest and most stable level. And this level is higher than in the season when he defeated Ricardo wrote in his column the journalist of “Formula-1” will Buxton.

Ufimets really powerfully delivered in 2019 – brought Toro Rosso’s first podium in 11 years (in a race in Germany), was noted by a number of bright leads. Then slowed down a little bit – perhaps affected by the fact that the replacement went Out in the Red bull took after all of Mirel Albon, Kvyat and not. But given the rebranding of the Junior “Scuderia”, her new status (as a full team and farm-club “Red bull”) and motivation by Daniel and his increased experience, to expect from our boy can be a lot! Speed “alpha Tauri” is a mystery – on the tests she did not Shine, “hanging out” near the seventh position among all teams. But again – it’s the test and none of the “stable” was not sought to unleash the potential. According to intelligence experts, former Toro Rosso have a real chance to fight for 5th place in the Cup of designers – it is listed slightly lower than McLaren, Renault and “racing point”, but where above the “Haas” and “Alfa Romeo” (not to mention “Williams”). But if integration with “Red bull” will give fruits, that Kvyat will be able to separate weekends to even fight for podiums!

The only question is, how many of them will – these weekends…

source: “Soviet sport”