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Ramazan Emeev defended Habib Nurmagomedov

Russian UFC Welterweight Ramazan Emeev shared his opinion regarding the decision of Habib Nurmagomedov to withdraw from the fight with Tony Ferguson at UFC 249, explaining now raging epidemic of coronavirus.

“If I see, somewhere in the world dies a lot of people, but for some reason was determined to ensure that this fight took place,” said Emeev in an interview with Sport24. – “They did not care. But I believe that Habib says the right thing. Firstly, now all the borders are closed, planes are not allowed. Second, he is now again to fly to the USA, to re-take the acclimatization. He first said that the fight will be in Dubai. He flew there, waited for the appointed arena. In the end, everything has changed, and the battle was to be held in the United States. It’s unprofessional happened. It is God’s will. I think Dana will be able again to give them this fight. Just need to wait out the situation.

Habib called a coward? People who say that just don’t want to understand anything. They only want someone to blame. Habib did everything right. To risk such a fight is impossible. In addition, to fly to the US, where thousands of people die would be wrong,” added Emeev.

We will remind that the head of the UFC Dana white is still not announced, which will host the UFC 249, which is scheduled for 18 April.