Formula 1

Red night in Singapore. Ferrari made a victorious double

Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclere, becoming the best on the track “Marina Bay”, brought the “Scuderia” the first double victory since the Hungarian Grand Prix-2017. Daniil Kvyat, alas, remained without glasses.


– Valtteri, slow down! It is necessary that Lewis remained ahead.

The order of the boxes got Bottas before the pit stop. And that’s all there is to know about Mercedes. So clearly relegated to second driver in favor of the first? No, we have seen it all. But each new this series all also unpleasant…

What else you need to know about this command – it seems that it is no longer the best.

No, Lewis Hamilton will take the championship and become a six-time holder of the title. A “Mercedes” will get your well-deserved Cup of designers. Too big the advantage in points. But right now the balance of power has shifted a bit. And of the last seven races, “silver” took only two! And two more wins – at max Verstappen. And three in a row in Belgium, Italy and Singapore – went to “Ferrari”.

Yes, the “Scuderia” has changed!

They did a great job. Literally newly refurbished car. Significant progress has been achieved. And is now reaping the benefits, said Nico Rosberg. And, in General, not just him. Other veterans and experts too.

Night race in Singapore, confirmed the validity of these words. In qualifying again was the best Leclere (and this is his third pole in a row!). And in the race a good tactic allowed the “Scuderia” to achieve a victorious double. First for yourself – Hungary-2017. And the first for all teams in history – on the track “Marina Bay”!

However, he won, by the way, not Charles. And Vettel. Again, for the first time – after last year’s race in Belgium. The reason is a good tactic. With early arrival at the pit stop. And how would the young Monegasque then angrily did not ask “How come?”, it didn’t change anything. On the other hand, since LeClair was not able to create the groundwork over the competitors while they were leaders, then who matters? Here is Sebastian to do it managed. And won absolutely deservedly.

A “Mercedes”… They were not even on the podium. Only the second time in a year (after the crazy Grand Prix of Germany). But there is a feeling that not the last.

And Bottas, of course, offended. Although did not speak again.


There are bad weekends. For Kvyat, this was this one – the Grand Prix of Singapore. Problems with the car messed up the third practice. Daniel himself messed up his best lap – in qualifying on Saturday. Then he, and equipment, and opponents messed up and he has yet to race. The car just did not go. Did the Russians also made a mistake. Not used the chances which were. Rivals sometimes threw themselves under his feet, behaving thoughtlessly – as Kimi Raikkonen, who is closer to the finish line yawned attack Daniel, I did not notice overtaking – and simply turned in the direction of Toro Rosso, and then two riders “in the arms” off the track. Finn eventually went, Quat – continued fighting. But without the slightest hope of it!

The bottom line – only 15-e a place. While Pierre went Out his younger partner in “Scuderia” – staged some spectacular overtaking manoeuvres and was the eighth! Yes, and in the qualification was better (13 th to 16 th from the Russians).

And everything would be fine. Happen. If not one nuance. Here in Singapore, the consultant Red bull Helmut Marko said:

– We do not consider quata on the place in the main team. Here is the fight between Mirel Albon and went Out. We will extend and Daniel in the Toro Rosso. For one more season. It is not yet officially. But we are all already decided.

According to Dr. Marco as naive as to give money in debt to strangers. He went Out claimed that will leave “Red bull” – three days before Pierre was replaced by Mirel Albon. However, in this situation, Kvyat was the least need a bad race… But, alas, he is just the sort of and spent.

source: “Soviet sport”