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Ruslan Provodnikov – on the work of MP: “Sometimes you want to buy a bottle of vodka and get drunk from indifference of officials”

The former world champion under version WBO in the Welterweight Ruslan Provodnikov, who is now the Deputy of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district, in a recent interview with “Sport-Express” said about how much it exhausts the indifference and corruption of local officials.

“But what to tell a difficult job, mentally very heavy, I sometimes can’t sleep. From all points unfair. Sometimes you come home and you want to buy a bottle of vodka and get drunk. The indifference and inaction of officials. It is very hard when you go round the district and see how people live. The President issues direct orders, and on the ground you see that they are not met, people just bend over,” said Provodnikov.

I have three areas, I have them every year in January circle to listen to people, their constituents. I supervise the construction of the school, which does not end, and we have always blamed on the Builder that it is unfair, but it’s actually not. I am now in and see how it’s done. Officials bureaucratic obstacles are not allowed to work, squeeze.

I gave my car to the Builder, who had to pay for the building materials for the school and him for work done so far, the state has not paid the money. They all say “tomorrow, tomorrow”. Another car gave wife. But it’s material value, they does not bring happiness. I fundamentally do the job, I just can’t back out, despite all the obstacles that are created artificially. Since I got involved, I would go to the end, no matter what the price. And then sleep?”

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