RussianEnduranceChallenge. Victory crew sport prototype team DKRacing

The evening of July 7 will no doubt be remembered by all historical quarterfinal Russian national football team.Coincidentally, on this auspicious day at the circuit MoscowRaceway it was a fascinating spectacle – the Russian marathon endurance races RussianEnduranceChallenge.

Live broadcasting our team scored a goal, and at this time, the drivers felt their cars in an hours-long race. One should give credit to the fans, which for 4 hours has supported pilots in the stands. The race began in daylight and ended the participants in the dark with headlights.

Russian endurance race today is the confrontation of touring car and sport prototypes. The organizers have divided the classes: the starting grid was represented by a car class GT, class a sportpitanie CN and cars of the Russian championship ring. Power and speed characteristics of these vehicles vary greatly, but in endurance, they have the opportunity to compete on the road, as the representatives of their class and to show themselves in the overall classification. Often the result of a race is not predictable, and on the first lap, never solved.

Good luck on this day from the start accompanied the team DKRacing prototype LigierJS51. Stellar crew consisting of founder of the company DKRacingМихаила Daeva, known drifter Eugene Ruzheynikova and colcapitical Loboda was the fastest in kvalifikaciyi was in the lead all four hours endurance race.

From start to finish, the team showed excellent speed, well-coordinated work of the crew, which determined their success. In the end, they won the winning titles in the absolute secetei in the class SP 2.0 REC. Separately in the framework of the REC was held the championship of Moscow in the class of “sport prototype CN” in which the crew of DKRacingодержал a landslide victory.

The GT class was represented serious contenders: LamborghiniGallardo crew of Pavel Strukov, MercedesAMGGT4 team MotorSharks, Dark Side Racing, ChevroletCorvette and BMWM3 team Vintic&Shpuntic. In the beginning of the race it seemed that the winner in the class will be either the Lamborghini crew consisting of Pavel Strukov, organizer RussianDriftSeriesДмитрия Dobrovolsky Mikhail Stepanov, either team MotorSharksна MercedesAMGGT4в part of the pilot of the Russian series Mitjet Constantine Gagkaeva участникаADACGTMastersИвана Lukashevich.

However, endurance racing is unpredictable. The crew Krumlova Stepan and Anton lyubchenkov’s(Vintic&Shpuntic on BMWM3),despite the wrong bet on rain tires early in the race, ahead of their rivals, who lost time due to problems with the reliability of the equipment. For example, the Lamborghini crew of Pavel Strukov collapsed brake disc.

Ambitious plans for the leadership was the sports prototype domestic development Phoenix FR 0. The car was the winner of the first race RussianEnduranceChallenge in 2015 and now updated video with a full carbon body again went into battle. On the reconstruction of the sports prototype the team worked on FDR Moscow, project, Formula Student, Moscow Polytechnic University under the supervision of Igor Ermilina (founder of REC, a well-known Motorsport expert and designer of the first Russian SuperKaramba).

The main change is the engine power of 250 HP, special transmission, more powerful brakes and modified aerodynamics, made in the form of a body made of carbon fiber.

Igor Ermilin: “the Whole of last season, together with FDRMoscow, we are engaged in the modernization of the Phoenix. In 2015, he has already appeared on the first phase of the REC and took the first place, but with the appearance of competitors, as Radical and Ligier, Phoenix had to be modified to reach their level. REC 2018 was the first departure of the car to the track and during the race were combat tests of the machine”.

The crew FDRMoscow entered Ilya Burenko and Andrew cocks. Andrei Petukhov on this day was”double burden” – he became the winner of the anniversary Race of Stars “za rulem”, which was held before the race for endurance and immediately from LadaKalina moved to the sports prototype.

According to Andrey Petukhov:

– The decision to drive in the endurance race at Phoenix was spontaneous, for me it was an interesting experience. It is well-managed, certainly still be improved, but overall it is quite maneuverable. Completely contrasting experience after switching out LadaKalina in a sport prototype. Prior to this I had no practical experience offices similar cars, when I went to “the Formula Russia”- is something like the speed of reaction and speed, so we can say that this is my debut in this class. And although for me the format of the more spectacular sprints, endurance racing is interesting primarily teamwork.

Specially for the Russian stage RECизвестный racing driver Roman Rusinov, participant, winner and winner of the legendary марафонаLeMans 24h ( LMP2), gathered their okaminosuke спортпрототипShortcut, where he planned to participate in the endurance race. The Assembly of the car “in dispute” with Mikhail Daelim (DKRacing) took the Novel in total 28 hours and 40 minutes.

Roman invited his friends and teammates G-Drive, but in the end the crew of the No. 26 had to go without him, as he was urgently summoned to the filming of the First channel in a program dedicated to the game of our national team in the world Cup.

source: “Soviet sport”