Rustam KHUDZHAMOV: “the priests did not beat Stepanenko”

37-year-old former goalkeeper of “Dynamo”, “Shakhtar” and the national team of Ukraine Rustam Khudzhamov summed up Shakhtar’s victory over Dynamo (3:1) in the match of the 24th round of the Premier League.

“I was wrong. Before the match I said that it will be uninteresting. But the match was dynamic and cool. I hope this will continue.

Dynamo cool start of the match, they were better in the first 30 minutes for sure. But after a missed goal when the game was equal in a row, Shakhtar have made it easier to go forward and impose their game.

Individual skill Marlos played a crucial role, although it’s not just him. The first goal branded Marlos. Accented kick, very accurate. The second goal he scored not his “working” leg, but it seems that Marlos both legs working.

The situation with VAR, with the goal canceled… Need to watch and understand. I came to the same conclusion.

Goal buialskyi scored true even though the episode was very dynamic.

The priests did not beat accented Taras. He could not navigate in the free kick. I don’t think he wanted to hold Taras. It was a continuation of the movement. I think the cancelled goal had a negative impact on “Dynamo”, — said Khudzhamov in the air of TV channel “Football 1”.