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Schumacher regained consciousness. What happens to the seven-time champion

Michael Schumacher moved from his Villa in Switzerland to a clinic in Paris. And is now conscious. What do we know about the condition of the sevenfold champion of the world?


This story everyone knows – and not just fans of “Formula-1”. Almost six years ago, December 29 2013, Michael Schumacher, skiing skiing on one of the French resorts, suddenly went off the road, lost his balance and fell and hit his head on a rock. Blow was such force that the sevenfold world champion cracked helmet, and he received a severe traumatic brain injury. The legendary racer was urgently sent in hospital on a medical helicopter and during the flight was put into a medically induced coma to reduce the load on the brain. Subsequently, Schumacher has had several operations, the doctors managed to stabilize him, but the damage has led to serious consequences. Only a few months later, Schumacher was discharged from the hospital of Grenoble and moved to his Villa in Switzerland, on lake Geneva.


The environment Michael pretty quickly imposed a moratorium on the dissemination of any information about his health. The family of Schumacher and his personal representative Sabina Who almost shared the news about the racer and his condition, asking fans and journalists to be sensitive to his privacy. However, sometimes in the press leaked the news that Michael came to, that responds to words, that even can move – but only in a wheelchair. The current head of the FIA Jean Todtfor many years worked with him at Ferrari and Schumacher became a close friend, occasionally, told about visiting the seven-time champion and watching him race, “Formula 1”. However, it became clear that visible improvements did not. Michael could not walk, talk and communicate normally. Most reputable doctors agree that after such period after injury – more than five years – the probability of full recovery is virtually nonexistent.


Schumacher is not the first time left the manor in Switzerland – so the Christmas holidays he spent in Majorca, in the circle of his family. There were other short trips, usually in private clinics, procedures rehabilitation. However, right now he was transferred to Paris to the clinic Georges Pompidou, where to help Michael try authoritative a 59-year-old French Professor Phillip Menashe. He specializiruetsya on stem cell therapy and cardiovascular surgery, but also deals with brain injuries. In 2014, Menashe the first ever carried out the transplant of the young heart cells woman suffering from heart failure.

Thus, according to Le Parisien, Schumacher is in the Department of cardiology. According to the publication, this is not the first time Michael brought to Paris – previously it was twice here in the spring. It is clear that each time his hospitalization is carried out in secrecy. This time there was a leak of information. As reported by one of the employees of the hospital, Schumacher “is indeed our patient. And it is now in the consciousness.”

Media around the world seized on the last phrase, happily saying that the driver came out of the coma. In fact, it is not. Out of the coma he came out five years ago. And, technically, all this time was conscious. What is meant by the words of the interlocutor, Le Parisien, difficult to understand. Perhaps she was simply stating a well-known fact. But perhaps in the condition of Michael was some deterioration and he was again put into a coma from which recently again brought. It is not excluded that Schumacher had an operation (not necessarily on the brain – it is possible, on the heart). However, precise information on this point. We can only guess.

Importantly, we know Michael is alive. And continues treatment. And doctors are looking for ways to get him back to normal life. Let’s hope that they will succeed.

source: “Soviet sport”