Formula 1

Season in Formula 1 can start without an audience

Sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn shared the season 2020. The start of the competition, which was to begin at the Grand Prix of Australia on 15 March, was postponed because of the pandemic coronavirus.

At the moment all the Formula 1 races cancelled until the Grand Prix of France, scheduled for June 28.

“At the moment we are discussing the logistics of a “closed” race: how we brought people, no matter how we defended them, how we made the race safe, who would we let into the paddock. Now each permutation is discussed.

We can create a very closed environment in which the races are held without spectators, teams are delivered on a Charter flight, we send them to the track, ensure that all have been tested and no risk. It’s not very good, but I think it’s better than no racing,” said brown Reuters.

According to the functionary, the deadline for the start of the race I think October.

“We must remember that millions of people watch sports, sitting at home now. Be able to sports activities and to entertain the fans in this crisis would be a huge bonus.

We could spend eight races, starting in October. So, if you want to know where the deadline, it is October. But there is always the possibility that it could last until next year. And we are investigating the likelihood of whether we will be able in that case to finish the season in January. If we started in early July, that could hold a season of 19 races,” said brown.

Earlier it was reported that Formula 1 has moved the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, Spain and Monaco.