Semin describes the cause of the resignation, the NHL says about the protests in USA, Tereshchenko criticizes the ceiling

Under the heading “While you were sleeping” – the most interesting in the world of sports since last night.


FC Lokomotiv on the last day of the spring in its official Twitter said goodbye to Yury Semin, whose contract with Lokomotiv expired may 31. June 1 will come into force an agreement with the 40-year-old Serbian coach Marko Nikolic.

Players are red-green in their social networks all day gave tribute to the coach and at the same time expressed the hope to see you soon.

“Yuriy Pavlovich, thank you for everything. Thanks to you I have become a major player of “Locomotive” and started to get into the team. I wish you good health and successful coaching career. I hope that we’ll meet again” – thanked Semin for collaboration midfielder Dmitry Barinov.

A colleague Barinov for the role of Anton Miranchuk told about the qualities of the former head coach. “Yuriy Pavlovich is a very emotional person. Always knew when to shout and when to support. He always had balance. Was very demanding of us that helped in the development of players… We’ll miss you! I hope that in the near future I’ll see you!”

Interestingly, by the way, as Barinov with the Beginning of hope Semin soon to see again. What are you implying? That will intersect somewhere and drink a Cup of coffee or for a quick return of a respected master in the club? Judging by the unanimous response of all of the football community on the ugly vyprovazhivaya Pavlovich from the club, its leaders, nothing can be ruled out.

Did not rule out that he and Semin in the first media interview after leaving the club. According to him, the reason for parting with him the leaders of “Locomotive” – President Anatoly Meshcheryakov sowder and CEO Vasily Kiknadze – is that for them it was not hand coach, and at some point prevented them. Not the club, and to them personally.

Semin complained that no one person of those whom he included in a list to the transfer Committee, the team never joined. Stressing that all lists of potential recruits the “locomotive” supplied by the seller of Wallpaper. Against this background, and there was a conflict with the club management.

“As for the timing — it is clear that Nikolic agreed before this was announced. But in that moment, did not expect that the championship will continue, so the contract with him and signed from 1 June. Everyone inside the club knew about it. To change this situation, the management of “Locomotive” was not”, – quotes Semin “Sport-Express”.

Yuri Pavlovich interview, long as a railway freight train, too, gave before the end of the contract. But the light it saw in the first minute of the first day of summer. For “the Locomotive” it definitely will not be easy.


After the CPS allowed the RPL clubs to admit spectators subject to the consent of the local authorities and filling the arena no more than 10 percent, one after another countries have begun to seize the initiative. We will remind that the day after Russia about the possibility of attending matches fans from 19 June announced Poland. And there it was already about 25 percent of the spectators in the stadiums. A may 31 talk about it in Italy.

The President of Juventus Andrea Agnelli has suggested to partially open the stands for fans during the matches of Serie A. Agnelli shared his thoughts with the owners of the other 19 teams in Italy’s elite division. He offers to run the fans in the arena in mid-July.

The idea of the boss “See” is to be allowed to attend the games to only 10 percent of the fans from the face of the stadium’s capacity, gradually increasing that number to 25 percent and keeping the possibility of observing social distancing. In addition to the Italians, thinking about the imminent admission of fans at football in Spain.

Meanwhile it became known that the season in Serie A will resume on June 19 the match Torino – Parma. This is a game of the 25th round. Opened in Italy football matches for the Cup of the country. June 13 to host the finals, and the 17th – final at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.


Borussia Dortmund defeated “Paderborn” in the away match of the 29th round of the championship of Germany – 6:1. A hat-trick on account of Jadon Sancho. All his goals he scored in the second half – in the 57th, 74th, 90+1st minutes.

After the first ball of Sancho showed a shirt saying, “Justice for George Floyd”. Thus 20-year-old Briton paid tribute to the memory of the deceased in the United States of an African American during the arrest that the police, which caused a storm of anger in the States and a sharp reaction from many people all over the world.

We will remind that on 25 may 46-year-old Floyd died in the resuscitation Department of the hospital of Minneapolis after one of the guards pressed his foot on the throat. George lost consciousness and the doctors were unable to save him. His death has caused riots on the streets of many cities of the country. In some States, imposed a curfew and called to the aid of police, the national guard.

Interestingly, FIFA has published in his Twitter post with the best players top 5 leagues in the system “goal plus pass”, but later removed it due to Mikey Sancho demanding justice for Floyd.

After this game, Dortmund have scored 60 points and took second place in the Bundesliga standings, behind leader Bayern 7 points. “Paderborn” with 19 points located on the last place.


The NHL made a statement about the protests that swept America after the death at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd. It says that since the protests in the US and Canada in recent days, pay attention to racial justice, NHL, along with everyone who works towards racial and equitable society and against those who support racism, hatred, bigotry and violence.

“We share the sentiments of our players and clubs in their calls for justice. We encourage the use of its platforms and privileges for system changes. Our own sport we will continue to do better and to work hard in the direction of culture,” reads the statement of the League.

The unrest in the United States commented on the famous coach Andrei Nazarov, in his time, for several seasons played in the NHL. “Very surprised, why are you silent our angelovska the truth? Look at what is happening in America! People were beaten, beating with batons, dispersed the demonstrators with gas. Is the robbery of the store, around the riots. But our truth beyond the ocean, who loved to talk a lot about Russia and condemn it, for some reason, sharply depressed. Read the review of my old friend Ilya Bryzgalov. Has he stopped watching TV? Apparently, the current protests in the US do not apply to him”.


The hockey world the last day of may has closely studied the statements of Alexei Tereshchenko about the salary cap and the trade Union boss Andrei Kovalenko. Five-time champion of Russia said that the ceiling was hit on all players. “Against a salary cap were only part of the KHL clubs. But among players unhappy at all! Believe me, I communicate with the guys — they put it mildly, not happy. Yet no one is protesting out loud. But the dissatisfaction is among the leading players and among the young. This is hardly for the benefit of our hockey championship”.

I have the feeling that Alex lived the last months in a parallel world and does not know what all with the advent of the coronavirus in the real world has seriously changed. That compressed today, not only hockey players, but all who can, and not only in Russia – everywhere. Why would hockey players in the KHL who do not earn money, but spend to make an exception.

What to Kovalenko, the General called him a traitor to the interests of the players, who only care about the contributions of the players in the Union, and not their well-being. And put him in the guilt in addition to impropriety in money matters and even reluctance to consider the option with the strike. “Instead of fighting the character just supports Antiochene reform,” sentenced Tereshchenko. And urged to send Kavalenka to resign.

source: “Soviet sport”