Sergei Pervushin: the Mask in Tambov will not be bought, will have to sew myself

Head coach of “Tambov” talked about how the team lives in quarantine.


– Where you are?
I was in Tambov with the family. As announced self-imposed isolation, and are sitting at home. Players also were sent home. Distributed to each individual plan. First, you can do treadmill training, working gyms…But now all the exercises only in the home.

– Legionaries also went home?
They remained in Moscow. We have not so much.

They are based in Tarasovka, which “Tambov” rented in the spring?
– No, no. Foreigners rent apartments. In tarasivka now no one left.

– You like to work for Spartak database?
– Beautiful conditions. Many thanks to the Director of the facility and staff. Met us as a family. Homely atmosphere, food is very good. All at the highest level and for training, and for recovery.

– Spartak spirit felt?
Yes. There all soaked. In our guide Georgy Yartsev – the legend of “Spartacus”, as Dmitri Ananko. They told many stories about the basis of their past… hang pictures Everywhere of the famous Spartacus. Walk around the village and realize how many great people have seen these walls.

– I used to have a chance to go there?

– Randomly, not in the room of Oleg Romantseva settled?
– No (laughs). Together with us he lived there, “Spartak-2” and the youth team. Room Romantsev was busy. And I stayed in a double which she shared with a colleague.


– You feel going to work out the quarantine?
– If a pic now, as they say, it is long.If we are at the beginning of the epidemic, before the summer, probably, all the stretch.

– Follow the development of the situation in Russia and the world?
– Watch, of course. At the moment, just watch the news. Because somewhere a child somewhere familiar. It is near abroad and far.

– What to tell?
– What I see on TV, and talk. All this seriously. Need to stay home. This is the best measure to ran faster.

– Are you wearing a mask?
– No. In Tambov they will not buy. And then I hope to your immune system. But if this continues, it will be necessary to make yourself a mask.

– Has a fear of this plague?
– You know, there is a lot of information, and it is sometimes contradictory. It is believed that ninety percent of people who will take a coronavirus in the form of light. Someone says the opposite. I used folk remedies: onions, garlic.


– Go to the store, or a dog to walk?
Dogs I have, and for food out of necessity. People in the city are very few. In Moscow, showed the same situation. Our people have done, that fulfill the decrees of the President.

You for strict quarantine or against?
– For! This is not just invented. Worldwide this situation. Our country, I think, the most prepared, and I hope soon all of us get better.

Do you have to finish the championship? Or is it better to take stock now?

– Does not depend on us but from the situation in the country. If we overcome the epidemic quickly – then it is better to finish the championship. If things keep going bad scenario, we will not be able to do anything.

– The football functionary Dmitry Ivanov recently offered to finish the championship in a week, breaking the team into groups of 4 clubs. How do you like this scheme?
– Probably not quite right for two or three games to allocate space. And then, they also need to prepare for…Actually, first time I hear this point of view, so it is difficult to evaluate.

– And what scenario would be most appropriate?
– If you take our team, the guys want to sport principle to leave “Tambov” in RPL. We would like to finish the championship. But if you implement the worst case scenario, you will have no choice. The main thing – health.


– How to control home workouts?
– We talk on the phone with the guys once in three or four days. It is clear that someone has the opportunity to practice at home, and someone – no. I think now everyone already know: we have to start from scratch. If the highest football authorities will make the decision to continue the championship, a minimum of three weeks will leave on preparation. So we managed to hold two ten-day gathering.

– What do you do in your free time, besides work?
– Self-education, physical fitness support, children communicate. They have me adults rarely take the time to be with them. Daughter is studying in Moscow. Now here came home. The son is still being trained at home.

– Tell us more about the self.
Read a book about football, watching a program on the Internet. Now fruitful information for analysis.

– Forward “Tambov” Georgy Melkadze would enter in among the best players of the championship in 2019/20, if it ended right now. Agree?
Have Melkadze the best, the brightest period in his career. But he can still add. A very talented footballer. I wish him to get into the team.

– Guram Tetrashvili leader in RPL number of selections. This is his specialty?
We are trying to build the team on strong qualities of guys. Tetrashvili good at interceptions, selections, and we use it.

– As a General attitude toward a statistical ratings?
Is an additional tool for the analysis of the game. They feature these figures, from which to push off.


– Tambov group “АkwAris” wrote a song dedicated to your club “Forward Tambov”. Heard?
– Have you heard. Very nice. The guys themselves fans of “Tambov”, and glorify our region and the club. Thank them for the song.

– Vladivostok “the Beam” withdrew from the championship Germany because of the refusal of regional authorities to Finance a professional sport. How did you react to the news?
– I’m upset.This is a very nice edge, original, uncompromising team with a long history. Were all very difficult to play there. Travel to Vladivostok was kind of exotic.

Sorry Primorye loses a big football and hockey and basketball. But I hope it’s temporary. People are not to blame. Such important regions should be represented in professional sports.

– Are not you afraid that the “Tambov” may suffer the same fate?
– There are some concerns. Now it is very difficult, uncertain situation. In isolation without football boring. Now more than ever, understand the importance of sports for people. Nothing to see, only some the football program again. And I want fresh… Football in Russia must live. And all sports too.

But the budget is not so easy to find funds for football, given the losses incurred by the economy.
– I hope, to a total closure of financing still will not come. Sport is social projects that people need.

– The championship of Belarus follow?
– Of course. This is the only championship that is now. There is my friends, we watched a lot of players out, someone came to visit us to view. Therefore, and watched. This is also useful information.

source: “Soviet sport”