Sergey Silkin: Our players need to understand that the salary pours from the sky

Former head coach of “Dynamo” has commented on reports that the players did not agree to lower wages by 40 percent.


– At the end of the videoconference clubs of RPL decided to finish the championship. Right?
– Of course. And it’s not even in the recommendations of UEFA. Better to spend the rest of the tours so that there is no issues on the title, for European flights, the bottom of the table. It is a sport. You start and must finish. Otherwise, the principle of equal conditions.

The second important point is that the clubs decided to negotiate with the players about wage cuts in the period of downtime. In “Spartacus” earlier cut 40 percent, “Ruby” contracts halve. You welcome such measures?
– And no other way out. Players need to understand: money from the sky didn’t fall. In the country and the world now stood. Including sport. And players in Russia, to put it mildly, not a disaster. If you take the Premier League clubs.

– But in your own “Dynamo”, according to media reports, already had a conflict. The club proposed to cut salaries by 40 percent, and the players agree only on 20, and only for the next month.
– You have to be inside to know all the details. It is clear that the guys want to get the most, not playing, but it’s not there.

Minus 40% adequate measure?
– Certainly adequate. We have the players already receive more than I should.

That is, in this confrontation you are on the side of the club?
– Of course.


– And can, RPL did not have to give at the mercy of the clubs? It was possible to arrange to enter the same limit for all.
– It is difficult. In each club, its leadership, and it has to communicate directly with the players. Here under one comb to scratch is not worth it. One player realizes the other wants. In this situation, an important backbone of the team. From the captain and the most influential players much depends.

But unhappy with all the early will. The Legionnaires came to Russia to earn money.
– Do not worry. In other countries people are also on the lower wages. In top clubs, the contracts are very large, and in the current economic conditions to recapture such amounts is unrealistic. So our players must agree to the demotion. Moreover, this is a temporary measure.

– If we assume that the championship will resume June 1, when should one start to train?
The main thing is that earlier designated date of start. Proceeding from it, will be typeset training. Three weeks really lead players in the right condition, to the game tone back. It is clear that the practice is not to be missed, but all will be in equal conditions.

– Home workouts can give effect?
– They are no substitute for games, scrimmages. It is necessary to enter the field and interact with partners. Individual trainings is needed so as not to lose muscle tone. But that all worked and have chemistry, you need to play. It’s still a team sport.

source: “Soviet sport”