Formula 1

“Silver” is gold. Mercedes scored the victory in the championship and in the Cup of designers

Grand Prix of Japan brought success to Valtteri Bottas, who won the third race of the season. But the main thing – his team has guaranteed itself the first place in the drivers ‘ championship and in the Cup of designers. For the sixth consecutive year!


The Typhoon “Hagibis” – the most powerful in the last 60 years! – brought a lot of destruction on the Japanese Islands, but was not able to wash off the overwhelming superiority of the Mercedes. In Japan, often determined the winner of the title – both among drivers and among teams. There is nothing surprising that it happened this season – even before the end of the championship four race (USA, Mexico, Brazil, Abu Dhabi). When one “stable” won the first eight Grand Prix, it is difficult to count that will return the intrigue. Let before the summer break, significantly added “Red bull”, and after “Ferrari”. No, it was clear who gets the Cup of designers. And personal title.

The “Hagibis” still made a share of the troubles – the schedule for the weekend. In Japan canceled races a few younger “Formulas” and refused all Saturday starts. In the end, the riders were left without the third practice and qualification was moved to Sunday. And if she didn’t place the order at the start would have been composed according to the results of the second Friday’s training session (i.e., first row has got to be “Mercedes”). However, nothing happened. The Typhoon has bobusheva, Yes went on over the “Suzuka” the sun rose, the sky cleared, the rain stopped, the pilots were able to get behind the wheel.

And the pole position for the sixth time in a row! was won by a racer of “Ferrari”. Specifically , Sebastian Vettel.

But unfortunately fans of the “Scuderia” or the German victory in qualifying, no second place Charles LeClair chances of winning they are not added. The first at the finish was still a Mercedes.


However, not Lewis Hamilton. And Valtteri Bottas.

Remember how Finn welcomed the chief strategist of the team , James Volz on last year’s Grand Prix, when, in fact, gave the order to skip ahead of Lewis? The famous “Valtteri, this is James” became a kind of meme among the fans of “Formula-1”. Specifically, the phrase we heard, but a situation similar to what was in Sochi, happened more than once. Bottas was often pushed in favor of the Hamilton – then calling for an extra pit stop, then leaving for long periods of time on the track on the “dead” tires, just saying that given the position of the partner… it’s pretty obvious who’s in the team prima and who is Sancho Panza. But right now, in Japan, there is no “Valtteri, this is James” we have not seen. And Finn gave to win. Moreover, he deserved it.

At the start Vettel made a mistake – started a movement for a moment before the lights go out lights. SEB immediately gave the brakes, which helped to avoid punishment for a false start, but lost precious time. Behind Valtteri, who reacted instantly, beating the two Ferraris on the outer radius. In an attempt to change the situation, “Ferrari” go for broke- change tactics for the Germans, Zaslav it to the pit stop twice. “Mercedes” in the case of Bottas decided to do the same. While Lewis remained on the track, slowly again to change tires. And, of course, took the lead. Forcing Valtteri slightly nervous, asking his engineer: “And Lewis in the pits go?”.

If Mercedes wanted to “turn on James,” it would be the perfect moment. Because even on older rubber the pace of Hamilton was lower than the pace of Bottas. And he could well finish without an extra pit stop at the same position of the leader. But again to hurt Finn did not. So a pit stop, the Briton still held. Then fell back to third position, behind Vettel. And Valtteri wins. Third time in the season. For the sixth time in his career.

All this, in fact, particular. The main thing – the Mercedes secured the constructors ‘ championship. And winning the championship. As a chance to beat Lewis now only has Bottas. Vettel, LeClair and Verstappen they have already lost. Although Valtteri, of course, everything is clear…


The rest of the race was memorable except by accident LeClair and Verstappen at the start, when the Monegasque knocked max on the second turn, and after two laps riding with a broken wing, despite the call to move in the boxes. The thought of Charles, hard to say, because the risk was great – part of the design could fly in another pilot helmet, creating a very dangerous situation! Fortunately, in the end, nothing happened. For all but Verstappen (he eventually went). And LeClair – he was fined 15 seconds, which cost the guy one position.

And Daniil Kvyat… Alas, remained without glasses. Since failed to qualify (he was 14th, while Pierre went Out came in the third segment and was launched on the 9th). And encountered problems in the race. Including a very strange tactic team, which exposed him to the “dead man” set of tires for interrupting Daniel to break into the top 10 (the chance was!).

I don’t know what there strategy, I haven’t had time to explore all. But what was a problem at the start, I can say very confidently. We had a failure, the transfer switch incorrectly, because of this, I slowly pulled away – admitted Kvyat. – But then we were able to win, and the race held a confident – though not scored points. I think the pace was good. And overall I can be satisfied.

source: “Soviet sport”