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Sixth title for Lewis, the third podium Kvyat. Season 2019 in facts and figures

The world Cup 2019 ended with a convincing victory Lewis Hamilton in the last race and in the standings. What will be remembered this year in the “Formula 1”? “The Soviet sports” has collected the main facts and figures of the season.


The sixth League title won this season Lewis Hamilton. The total number of trophies he beat Juan-Manuel Fangio and moved to the clear second place in history. Ahead – only Michael Schumacher (seven League cups).

11 wins in the season won Lewis, equalling his personal record in 2014 and 2018. Best achievement – winning 13 races throughout the championship, continue to divide two Germans: Schumacher (2004) and Sebastian Vettel (2013).

250-th Grand Prix held Hamilton, speaking at the final stage of the season in Abu Dhabi. According to their numbers, for his career he went out in ninth place in history. From active pilots to more – only on account of Kimi Raikkonen (315). The story did have Rubens Barrichello (326). However, there is an important “but” – all these race Lewis held without a single interruption. For his entire career he never missed a Grand Prix! Here, the British leader in the history of the Championships with a large margin. The second longest series – 206 races on account of Nico Rosberg (2006-2016).

Having won in Canada and Hungary, Lewis is in seventh times won the Grand Prix. The same number of triumphs on one stage Michael Schumacher (Canada and San Marino). More only, again Schumacher (eight wins in France).

Five qualifiers in the last season was won by Hamilton. The total number of pole positions (88) he has kept an absolute record. In second place in the history of Michael Schumacher (68), the third – Ayrton Senna (65).

Five winning doubles in a row in the first five races of the season and won a Mercedes. It’s absolutely the best start of the championship in history! Previously, no team had managed to win more than three duplicates at the start.

The sixth victory in a row was won by the racers of the Mercedes on stages in Russia, Japan and Abu Dhabi. While in Sochi, where the races take place in 2014, other “stable” in principle, never win.

For the sixth consecutive time Mercedes won the world championship and the constructors ‘ championship. This achievement should not obey anyone in history.


By winning in Belgium, Charles LeClair was third in the list of the youngest riders to win a race “Formula-1”. At that point, Monegasque was 21 years and 320 days. The record is owned by max Verstappen (18 years, 228 days Spain-2016), in second place – Vettel (21 years, 73 day – Italy-2008).

And at the same time, LeClair became only the sixth pilot, who won his first race in the last 10 years. In this period, the list of winners of the Grand Prix joined Valtteri Bottas, Verstappen, Daniel ricciardo, Pastor Maldonado and Nico Rosberg.

Given LeClair, victory for Ferrari in the entire history of the team brought 39 pilots. The first was Italian Alberto Ascari , in 1951.

Vettel is only the second time in his career lost in the final standings the team. The first time such a mishap had happened to him in 2014, “Red bull” – then the German scored fewer points than ricciardo, then went to Ferrari. Now him ahead of LeClair.

Nine years Ferrari couldn’t win the home race in Italy – in 2010. It is the longest such series in history “Scuderia”. Leclere was broken on September 9, becoming the best in Monza.

Charles the fifth racer “Ferrari”, which won the Italian Grand Prix in his first season for the “stable”. Previously, this was possible only Swiss to clay Regazzoni (1970), the South African the Jody Schecter (1979), Michael Schumacher (1996) and Fernando Alonso (2010).

The victory of Vettel at the Singapore Grand Prix brought Ferrari its first hat trick since 2008! Before the success of SEB races in Belgium and Italy won his partner LeClair.

Nine pole positions won, the racers Ferrari, of which only two on account of Vettel. 10 wins in qualifying, won a Mercedes. The remaining two went to Verstappen in the “Red bull”.

EUR 50 000 amounted to a penalty for Ferrari for the incorrect readings on the amount of fuel in the car LeClair after qualifying in Abu Dhabi. Given that Charles, who in the third race, threatened with punishment, such punishment can be described as very soft.

12 years a Ferrari can’t win the title. The last trophy she has brought Raikkonen in 2007. The longest period without a championship Cup in the history of the legendary team of 21 years (from the Schecter in 1979 before Michael Schumacher in 2000).


37 points scored by the Russians in his fifth season in the “Formula-1”. This is his best score in the colours of Toro Rosso. In the composition of Red bull in 2015, Daniil scored 95 points.

10 races championship-2019 Kvyat finished in the points. Only three reached the finish line due to accidents or equipment failure. However, his average position in the final Protocol – 10,78.

But the best – third place at the Grand Prix of Germany! In the race Daniel brought Toro Rosso’s first podium since Italy 2008 (and second in history at the time). Curiously, the night before the race, Kvyat became the father of his girlfriend Kelly Piquet gave birth to a daughter called Penelope.

The podium in Germany has become the third in the career of Daniel after the Hungarian-2015 (second place) and China in 2016 (the third). At the same time between the races in Shanghai and Hockenheim passed three years and 102 days. This is one of the longest breaks between two podiums, one pilot in the history “Formulas-1”.

Six – the best score of Daniel in qualifying. So far he has started in Azerbaijan. However, in the race he messed up ricciardo, Kvyat first hooked when overtaking, and after that entering him back. In the end, the Russians came.

7:12 – this is the account Kvyat in qualifying with a partner. In two cases, either he or his partner did not take part in them. As you can see, only seven times Daniel was able to beat partners in the struggle for a better position at the start. In five cases it was Alex Mirel Albon, only two – Pierre went Out.

Five penalty points this season, scored Kvyat for the incident in China (two points), Mexico (two) and USA (one). More – only Vettel and ricciardo (seven). Recall, for the 12 penalty points in a calendar year (not current season), the driver faces disqualification for one Grand Prix.


71 years and 60 days amounted to the total age of the participants of the podium of the Brazilian Grand Prix. Then in the top three (after a penalty for Hamilton) entered Verstappen, went Out and Carlos Sainz. This is the youngest podium in the history “Formulas-1”. The previous record of 71 years and 338 days – was installed in Italy in 2008, when the podium came Vettel, Heikki Kovalainen and Robert Kubica.

2072 days without podiums lasted series “McLaren”, which became the longest in the history of the legendary team. It started after Australia-2014 and ended in Brazil with the success of Sainz Jr.

Carlos became the fourth Spaniard, who was on the podium in overalls “McLaren”. The first three – Alfonso de Ports (single), Pedro de La Rosa (single) and Alonso (97 podiums).

For the first time in 25 years at the end of the race in the top 3 hit just two riders for whom this success became the first in his career. In Brazil your account personal podiums opened went Out and Sainz. Last time before this this happened in Germany-1994 – then fortune smiled upon the French Olivier Panis and Eric Bernard from the team “Ligier”.

For the first time in 28 years two riders on machines equipped with engines “Honda”, did the double in the Grand Prix. In Brazil, the victory went to Verstappen, the second was Extinguished. In Japan-1991 the same success was celebrated Senna and Gerhard Berger (both played for “McLaren”).

Having won in Sao Paulo, Verstappen won the eighth Grand Prix in his career and caught up with drivers such as Jacky Ickx and Danny Hill (world champion in 1967).


Only one pilot passed without meetings the full distance of all 21 races. And this is Hamilton. During a season, he overcame 6381,139 km, which spent 32 hours, 12 minutes and 59,730 seconds.

Eight years and 258 days made a cut between the two races, in which Kubica managed to score points. Specifically – between the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi 2010 Grand Prix Germany-2019. This is a new record “Formula 1”. The previous 7 years and 342 days – from 1968 was owned by the Frenchman Lucien Bianchi (great uncle who died in 2015, Jules Bianchi).

18 pilots (all except the two representatives of the “Williams”) at least once were selected in the top 10 in qualifying and reached the top 10 of the Protocol of the race. George Russell and Kubica to do so failed. Robert scored only one point in Germany, finishing 12th, only because of the penalties for the two drivers “Alfa Romeo”.

Six pilots had time to check in the lead of the race throughout the season. This Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen, Leclere, Vettel and – suddenly! – Antonio Giovinazzi. Won the Grand Prix, only five (all of the above except Italian).

179 Grand Prix held Nico Hulkenberg, so never and not standing on the podium. This is an absolute record “Formula 1”. Next season, the German was left without a place in the team and probably will forever leave the world Cup.


Seventh title to win next year Hamilton that will allow him to catch up on their number with Schumacher.

84 victory is at the moment in the asset Lewis in his career. In 2020, it will try to break the record Schumacher (91).

Only two pilots from the current composition of the teams will continue their League campaign in the new year. Kubica will leave, “Williams”, and Hulkenberg Renault.

Only one man will debut in the season 2020. This is the canadian Nicolas Latifi, who signed the contract with “Williams”. Hulkenberg to Renault will replace the Frenchman Esteban Windows, previously competing in the “Formula 1” in the “Manora” and “Force India”.

104 days divide the year 2019 and 2020. The first stage of the championship starts on March 13 in Australia.

22 race will be held next year, that will be a record in the history “Formulas-1”. The calendar will leave the stage in Germany, but it will return the Grand Prix of the Netherlands and held the first Grand Prix of Vietnam.

source: “Soviet sport”