Source: plant for the production of artificial fields moved to Kramatorsk

Journalist Bohdan andriyuk reported in the social network Facebook about the upcoming event:

“Plant for the production of artificial fields from the UAF physically moved. More than half of the equipment has already been taken. In the town of Kramatorsk. The plant has long been does not work at all, and for the UAF to pay dearly for it, even rental near Kiev”.

The journalist suggests that this is due to the friendship of the President of the football Federation of Donetsk region Maxim Efimov with the head of the UAF Andrey Pavelko:

“Therefore, it is logical to assume that the plant will move to avoid paying rent at all. Or pay some nominal amount. For their loved ones.

Interestingly, some workers actually put the ultimatum – or you are moving to live and work in Kramatorsk until may 25, or on the way out!”