Team f-1 ready to sue Ferrari and the FIA

The seven Formula 1 teams (Mercedes, Red bull, McLaren, Renault, alpha Tauri, racing point, Williams) issued a joint statement which said that shocked by the decision of FIA (International Federation of motorsports) with regards to the motors Ferrari.

Last season the competition was a lot of questions to the Ferrari engine, which suddenly, in the middle of the year began to give more power, which gave the cars team the advantage on the straights at least 0.5 seconds.

Some teams filed a protest, forcing the FIA to understand, do not violate any Ferrari rules the legality of the power plant. There were suspicions that Ferrari was cheating with the fuel supply, tricking sensors, designed to monitor this parameter.

In this case, after the start of the investigation the speed of the Ferrari suddenly disappeared. Since the United States Grand Prix advantage on the straights was not, although Ferrari denied that it is connected with the inspections.

As a result, last week the FIA issued a statement in which he noted that we have achieved with Ferrari some agreement about the motors, but to reveal its essence will not. This indirectly FIA confirmed that Ferrari had indeed violated the rules, but any punishment for it will not.

Now 7 teams f-1 are required to disclose the essence of the agreement and tell you how Ferrari manipulated with the motor. Otherwise, teams are ready to go to court.

In the worst case, Ferrari could face disqualification of results last season that will change the pilot’s table and team standings.